GTA VI should have a female and homosexual protagonists.

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Should GTA VI have female and gay playable protagonists?

Yes for equal Representation! 8 7.08%
No. I am homophobic and s... 29 25.66%
Let Rockstar do what they... 76 67.26%

I won't argue against the simple truth that every video game should have a lesbian woman as the main protagonist.

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So group identity should take precedence over everything else? History says that is a terrible idea.

Obvious troll is obvious *rolls eyes*

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contestgamer said:

I hope they make the main protagonist a white male homophobe just to annoy the TC and SJW's.

And with gay and transgender character as villain 

nothing should ever be forced

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Yeah would be interesting to see what other women think when you go around and beat hookers.


Alex12124 said:
Or how about just good characters ?

This. I would rather have well written and acted deep characters, along with an engaging story and gameplay. A female yes, gay...... I don't want somebodies sex life forced into it. Hasn't really been with past characters, no need now.

Absolutely. Female protagonist all the way. A ravishing hot babe, with a nice behind and state of the art boob physics, which is influenced by the virtual clothing you wrap around her.

And of course something for the gay men. Totally.

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Why not? Women and homosexuals can be raving murderous lunatics just as easily as straight men.

the female will be fat and the gay ugly, and a Muslim bi-sexual travesty that is both fat and ugly for the expansion....

seriously, I think the world has had enough with homosexuals, pushing it any further will only have adverse effects