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It's over, I can't continue this shit anymore ...

The only reason I stuck with CoD over the years was to get my over the top FPS fix in their campaigns since their online multiplayer game modes just weren't good enough nor did each entry last long enough for competitive play when they started annualizing this franchise with new mechanics god knows every year so far ...

I would only consider online if it is to access content that can only be exclusively offered when using that specific functionality or for competitive play but I wouldn't be doing the former so much if there was an offline option to begin with so that just leaves the latter and CoD just isn't acceptable enough on that front ...

I've held off so long from getting Overwatch despite it's good reviews is because I'm not all that interested in it's "cute" and colourful design and I also don't like the competitive scene all that much either but I have the same exact issue with Fortnite too so the only Battle Royale game I would dare try is PUBG ...

CoD as a franchise has probably lost me permanently and not even bringing back single player could entice me anymore ...

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Why do you think this company and others have been trying to persuade people singleplayer is dead? They want to offer less and work less for more money. Thank GOD for Nintendo and Sony.


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Seventizz said:
It sends a message that some gamers simply prefer multiplayer experiences than the tired scripted AI formula which for a shooter - makes little sense given where technology is at.

I welcome and prefer multiplayer gaming. Single player games are mostly dead to me.

Call of Duty sells how many millions of copies and the franchise has made how many billions of dollars?
It's not a tall order simply asking for both to be met to placate all demographics is it?

... so it doesn't have a campaign? Even if some people didn't play it, the BO3 campaign was actually better than most, I actually completed it and I'd never completed a BOs campaign. In CoD I'd only completed MW1, 2 and 3 for the story sake. But BO3s actually had more than just that in it, it had other modes inside the campaign, loadouts and stuff.

The MP has HP bars, no auto healing, which will be odd. Plus the trailer for the Battle Royale isn't even gameplay, it's CGI, in other words, it's tacked on. Quickly.

I will preorder for the Beta code, then cancel that preorder after, just so they know.

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...ain't getting any money from me this time.

If they want to do this then why not just make a subscription based version with regular updates.

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I think BO4 is bound to be the worst-selling COD, whatever that means because it will sell millions on the name alone. As for Battle Royale i think it will be very much like MMO's where there is going to be one or two hits but most of them are going to fail.

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Medisti said:
BraLoD said:
We have GoW to save us, no worries.

GoW is a great single-player game, yes. But, how is this third-person hack n' slash about Norse Mythology supposed to scratch the itch for the people who want a FPS campaign with guns? Completely different gameplay.

This thread is about a MP only game filled with microtransactions being comercially successful may set the industry for more.

Mine is that we just had a SP only game with zero microtransations being comercially (and reception wise) successful so we also have it setting the industry for more of that too.

So GoW (along other Sony and Nintendo games) will bd fighting on the opposite side for us.

No campaign? Wouldnt have bought it anyway.

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Oh damn. Now the market is gonna get flooded with multiplayer games that have no campaign. What a dangerous precedent that just now happened.

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COD always released with a singplayer campaign and most of the times bitch about how it sucks and they only keep the game for the MP....Now they get rid of the SP and people feel entitled to have one.

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