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tiffac said:

As long as it happens like with Sakura Wars now, unlike what’s happening with Suikoden still.

We are getting the Collection too this year right? So delaying 3 sounds like a good move.



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KLXVER said:
Do Shenmue fans think this will live up to expectations?

Not hating, just asking.

As a Shenmue since day one, I'm just glad its continuing and I would be content if its at par with the previous games.

The Shenmue games have exactly aged well. Kind of dull and poor pacing, so I'm not sure how high expectations really are. Most importantly I want to see the story's conclusion.

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Megiddo said:
KLXVER said:

That's a weird thing to say...

Howso? When you have expectations, it means it's something that you were expecting. I was never expecting Shenmue 3 to be made. If you knew even the tinest amount regarding Shenmue 1/2's development you'd know why. There's no "expect" involved.

Yes but it seems like once you DID find out it was being made, that your exceptions would have gone through the roof, considering the reputation of the series in question. Shenmue is no garbage IP. It's legendary and, speaking for myself, I expect the third game to live up to that level of the first two. Anything less will be a let down.

Not surprised, I was expecting this game to be delayed.

Yeah no, won"t be at were the fans things it deserves, would have to be looking like Yakuza 6 but it'll look like Yakuza 2.

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I'm okay with this Shenmue 3 being delayed to next year. Indivisible being delayed to next year hurt me a bit more somehow.