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good. The game looked unfinished as fuck in the last trailer

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And no one was surprised.

It's for the best, the game needs as much dev time as it can get. Seems Deep Silver just gave it a bigger budget as well.

Not surprised, but the delay will hopefully mean a polished product.

I've got plenty of games in my backlog to play, so it's not like I'm short on games to play, at least on PC.


I honestly haven't seen the game progress on Shenmue 3, but this delay was to be expected. To be fair, I never thought it would be released this year with so many games coming out, but judging by how people are tearing on this game, I'd say it can wait until 2020.

I was expecting a devil's third type of situation so this is good news i guess. I'm expecting the game to be bad just like the first 2. I like love the series and am excited to finally play 3. But I definitely consider these games to be bad in many ways. The good parts make up for it and that's why I love shenmue.

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KLXVER said:
Do Shenmue fans think this will live up to expectations?

Not hating, just asking.

Depends on what expectations you have.


If your expectation is a AAA quality game, then no, it won't.

If your expectation in an indy game, it will.


Thing is, the game was looking unfinished from what we saw, so the extra time is for the best.

As long as it comes out good then I don't mind.

Some days I just blow up.

I'm glad actually. delayed games has the potential of ending up being great.

This game is a train wreck, but at least the developers know and are trying to fix it.

Megiddo said:
KLXVER said:
Do Shenmue fans think this will live up to expectations?

Not hating, just asking.

Not sure how there can be expectations of a game that I never expected to exist in the first place. I think I'll get my $29 out of it that I pledged.

You make ZERO sense. You pledged to the game, ergo you knew from that moment on that it existed. You have had 3 years of knowledge of it now, plus another one before it launches. I dont know how many decades you require to build up expectation or knowledge of a game.