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Soundwave said:
Also uh ...

August - Yoshi
September - Fire Emblem Switch
October - Star Fox Grand Prix
November - Super Smash Bros. Switch
December - Pokemon Switch

Seems like that would fill out the release schedule pretty much post July.

I don't think even if the leak turns out to be true, it is an indication that it will launch this year. It could...but the leak is not a confirmation of that. One of the people that seems to dabble a lot with Nintendo rumors, Stealth (not sure how credible he is), said that the game was being slated for summer 2019 but might have been pushed for release for the holidays (again not sure how credible he is, but just putting this out there).

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Well, many thought the Mario + Rabbids rumor was too ridiculous to be true, as well.

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Can you shoot while racing I know Sega Saturn game called kingdom Grand Prix its a shoot em up racer but more shoot em up though some of the racer help in destroying whats in front of you and sometimes dissapears off screen but its a racer/shooter . TYhis'll be cool since Starfox is 3d  . heres what kingdom grand prix is .

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If retro are going to make a futuristic racing game then why not f zero? Instead they want to turn a shooter into a racing game when nintendo already have a fast racing franchise established. It's a headscratcher if true.

If this is all true...
I really hope it isn't a reeking of F-Zero...
I think it would be cool to have a racing game set out in space...
Imagine having to make it navigate an asteroid field or survive an enemy fortress all while vying for first place...
Customizing your Arwing for improved handling or max speed...
There's definitely a cool concept there if this is true...
But as somebody who has been dying to see F-Zero return, I won't deny that I'm concerned...

Have a nice day...

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Shaqazooloo0 said:
oh! So it's a sequel to one of the endings of star Fox Command lol!

I'm down for this though, Sounds cool.

One of the good endings, right? With Krystal in it, right?

DialgaMarine said:

Well, many thought the Mario + Rabbids rumor was too ridiculous to be true, as well.

Yeah, and actually ended great game.

ARamdomGamer said:

Been ready since 2006.

Ready even since 1998.


On topic: Meh, I kinda wish for this to be untrue. That just doesn't make sense.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

Ultimately I'm down. I'm getting kinda tired of the Mario Kart series, it's time for a new Nintendo racer to rise, and if they're not gonna do F-Zero, this sounds like the next best thing and maybe can expand things more on the story side.

If the game looks good at E3, put me down for $60.

GameXPlain said in their recent video on Star Fox Grand Prix that they had been hearing similar things for the past few weeks as well about the rumor/leak, so that might add even more credibility to this since that's another group of people who heard the same thing.