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Which was better (at their time)?

God of War 4 23 39.66%
Resident Evil 4 35 60.34%

Well i guess they were both a pinnacle change in their franchises is where i see the common connection to the two.

For me RE4 but that may be because it was a huge shift in what gaming was back then. In today;s world we are spoiled too much lol.



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I don't really understand the metrics of the comparison.

That said, RE4 had a huge impact on gaming, so I guess that. It also impressed me more at the time.

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GOD4 is the closest thing RE4 has ever received for direct sequel.

contestgamer said:
GOD4 is the closest thing RE4 has ever received for direct sequel.

I hope it isn't because I don't want to hate it.

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All this love for RE4 in this thread!..


Brings a tear of pride to my eye!

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How did you compare them? Just for your poll’s sake, I’ll pick which one I only played for now, and that’s RE4, even so, the game was pretty good and fun when I played it.


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They are both great, niether better than the other. They are two completely different games lol.

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I didn't enjoy resident evil 4 and never got to finish it. I loved the first 3 and code Veronica but 4 just felt different. Gow Im having a blast

DonFerrari said:
Considering I think RE4 the worse thing they ever done to RE, then it will be hard for me to consider GoW4 below it.

Blasphemous! *mean mug*

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RE4 was ridiculously ahead of it's time and still has awesome targeting gunplay that feels better than most modern games.  God of War "4" is a really great game with awesome presentation, but I already feel like it's overrated.  I played RE4 through completion and then for about a year after because I kept going back to Mercenaries mode.... so fun.  I finished God of War a couple days ago and don't see myself going back.  God of War's graphics and gameplay don't impress me like RE4 did at the time.  I don't want to detract from God of War's greatness, but I don't feel like it will have nearly the legacy that RE4 has til this day.