I have a *** size TV and I sit *** from it.

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My 55 inch tv 5 1/2 feet away is the exact same size as my 5 1/2 inch phone held 5.5 centimetres from my face. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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I sit about eight feet away from a 65". Love it.

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I have a 65" TV and I sit at about 7ft distance or lower, still not large enough, so don't worry.

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multiple setups depending on where i happen to be.

32 inches from 2 feet away
50 inches from 4 feet away
60 inches from 7 feet away

LivingMetal said:
Nymeria said:

They're fine.  Most people I know are roughly 60-72" from their televisions.

So let me ask you these questions: When you game, do you constantly find yourself moving your head a lot to catch all the action?  If so, does it affect gaming?

No, not at all.  It just means the screen fills a good 80-90% of my vision.  I like to be immersed when gaming and that is my optimal distance to size ratio.

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I have a 50" 4K HDR smart TV in my gaming den. I sit about 6 ft away from it.

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As I play very little games now I have fully adopted the home theatre route where I occasionally play games.112" at 10 ft away, but I mostly use it for movies, which would can be up to 124" for 2.4.1 aspect ratio.

Or a 32" monitor from 3/4 ft away when I do decide to games.

I might get a 4k tv next year just for gaming if I ever get back into it.

65" 3m away. I really want to upgrade to 78".

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I am like a meter or less away from my 32" here :P. Perfect for moving 8 times a year.

51" 1080p, 10ft away. Truthfully I find the text can be a little small and hard to read sometimes in games, so I would sit closer, like 6-8ft, but the room is laid out in about the only way it can be, based on it's location and doorways unfortunately. Otherwise it's fine. At 10ft, I would say a 55" would be a good size, but 65" should work as well. I find something like a 42" is perfect to game on, but I wanted a TV that could cover everything, so 51" is what I ended up with at that time.

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