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GOTY so far for me. This is nothing like the GOW I knew, it's like Uncharted and Last of Us had a baby. This is gonna be hard to beat.

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d21lewis said:
Bristow9091 said:

Isn't there a way to change that? I'm stuck at work so can't see myself, but I saw a video where they had square and triangle for the attacks, maybe that'd suit you better? 

I could kiss you right now!! Thanks, man!!

When i first started playing I died because my reflex action was to hit the face buttons ,don't know about changing now i 've got used to them , like most I feel the camera could have been pulled back a little, also I miss not being able to jump obviously a feature of the new camera.

My early thoughts ...

I'm here typing.


The PS5 Exists. 

Looks good graphically but I’m playing on a vanilla PS4.

I don’t like the camera. I’m playing on the hardest setting where only 2 or 3 hits can kill you and I usually don’t even see the hits coming because the camera is zoomed in way too far.

LOVE LOVE LOVE.....couldn't believe those graphics when it booted.

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Not to stoke the fires, but holy shit I'm maybe ten to fifteen hours in and the game just keeps getting BETTER.

I'm serious, the first couple of hours really engaged and impressed me, and yet now they actually feel like the low point of the game. And that's fantastic, the developers demonstrated a tremendous amount of patience in pacing this, and it REALLY pays off. One warning I will give is to avoid guides on the locations of runes for those triple-locked chests. I finally turned to out of frustration, and ran smack dab into a massive spoiler that in it,, was NOT worth it.

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by far the best opening, far better than the last of us.. which I finished a day before starting God of war. The camera in last of us is similarly zoomed in, so i have no issues with it, and combat is far superior in GoW, last of us felt sluggish most of the time, but i guess that was by design, but now in god of war i feel super powered with the speed Kratos swings his axe.

Although I can see how the fan of original trilogy could have difficult time adjusting to the new perspective.. I went into the game with no preconceived notion of controller schemes, maybe a little bit of bloodborne on my mind. but i kept old god of war button layout out of my head.

About 4-5 hours I think... really good, fantastic graphics, love the relationship between father and son.

Only very small grips - odd little stutter (not much and am running it on resolution mode not performance on pro)... camera can be too close at times.

So far definitely best game this year. Very high quality game. I think it retains the original GOW wars so well, they have really upgraded it to a next gen experience.

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It put me to sleep after 20 minutes. It's very pretty and the story did hook me from the start, yet the slow pace was no match against my sleep deficit at the end of the week. I switched back to Netflix after dying at the first troll and was asleep on the couch 10 minutes later.

Opening inspired by HZD perhaps...

The motion blur with the shaky or rather wavy camera movement was making me a bit nauseous at first. Luckily you can turn the motion blur off which makes the stuttering more obvious, better that than nauseous. I guess I can switch to performance mode instead, or it's just that I'm so used to 60fps now, 30fps feels kinda wonky.

Looking at a review performance mode seems the way to go. I'm sitting far enough from the tv not to notice the difference, as long as that beautiful HDR still works.

Seems great so far. Thank god for that kid. Some personality really helps out with the tone of the game.