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Jpcc86 said:

 but in this case I only liked 1.


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GTA- definitely a big one, I have bought 3 of them (3, VC, and 5) and get very bored with them very fast.

Uncharted- Skipped on all of them except for 4, which I only tried because I loved TLOU, ended liking it, but definitely did not love it.

Halo- I have tried several of them (2,3, 5) and they just did not click with me at all.

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add me, the more the merrier.

Any GTA game I've ever tried - These games just aren't fun to me, period.

Any Elder Scrolls game I've tried (Oblivion and Skyrim in this case) - This is a weird one for me. I usually don't care about graphics that much, but these games have an artstyle that just looks horrible to me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it makes it impossible for me to play them without giving up 5 minutes later.

Breath of the Wild - I don't care about exploring huge worlds, and the things I do love about the series (Dungeons, bosses, items, puzzles and story) were really weak compared to the previous 3D entries imo. Zelda is not for me anymore I'm afraid.

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Journey: I played it from start to finish in one sitting and I left with a huge "is that all?"

Metal gear solid 4: this game bored me to death. I literally fell asleep during the final long-ass cutscene.

Tales of symphonia: this one is fresh on my mind. While it doesn't seem to be that critically acclaimed it does seem to have it's followers. This one also bored me because it got extremely repetitive. I really forced myself to finish it.

These are all I can think of right now.

The original god of war trilogy. I am going to give the new one a shot, as I feel it seems to change up the formula, but everything about the original god of war series, I think was done better by Devil May Cry franchise, and on top of that over did on my least favorite game mechanic, which is QTE.


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I also want to mention Oblivion and GTA4. I really hated GTA4,

Nothing to see here, move along

Gears of War: I completely understand why people love this, but I found it very boring.

Super Mario Galaxy games: They're good games, no denying that, but they felt like Mario 64 with worse controls to me, I don't understand the gigantic amount of praise that they got.

Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing - on the Genesis console. It's the only game I've ever played that I started winning and then only to be pummeled by the CPU fighter at the end....hence.... my response....

I yanked the cartridge out of the console and threw it across my room...hehehe

"FUCK YOU BUSTER DOUGLAS BOXING" is what I yelled when I hurled that cartridge...next day, I returned it to the rental store with a hearty good riddance to a massive piece of shit game.

The wii games in general motion controls are crap

Mass Effect. The story seemed interesting and I liked the setting, but I simply couldn't get past the combat, which felt clunky and generally wasn't fun to me.