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My god ... I just cant wait to see this thing bombing ... lol , MS youve had screwed it this time in a big way ...

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Imagine the E3 announcment?

M$ PR: ...We are announcing a revolutionary device in Gaming.. the 360Mote, you will now have the ability to use motion sensor in games.

Reporter: Doesn't that look awfully like Wiimote by Nintendo?

M$ PR: hmmm, Wiimote?? Nintendo?? Never heard of them


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Microsoft will fail so hard. Why buy a 360mote when most of the games don't even work with it.

I have to admit this can enhance RTS games quite a bit, and it's not like it is mandatory, just a nice option.

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I still have strong doubts of a creation of such a remote.. the MTV followup article (to the first one which unveiled the idea) pretty much showed they didn't know anything for sure, and were just basing it off one "source".. i'm waiting for an actual confirmation from microsoft before i even start thinking about what games might/might not come out with it

Joshd914 said:

It seems that Microsoft's prime focus for the new 360mote is going to be in Japan and Rare will be instrumental in supporting the device with new software such as a new Banjo title and Viva Pinata. Halo Wars will also be supporting the device.

More here: http://digg.com/xbox/Banjo_and_Halo_Wars_to_launch_alongside_360mote_in_September

Maybe people should also read the conversation in the link, halo wars and viva pinata is PURELY SPECULATION from Siren.... while the legitimacy of the banjo claim is also questionable, but at least has some basis... and i have no idea where that digg pulled "september" from, since the month wasn't once mentioned in the actual article

Question for OP: did you even read what you linked us to? or did you see certain titles and guess what was going on?

whoever dugg that back and forth is an idiot for titling it "Banjo and Halo Wars to launch alongside 360mote in September" is an idiot, as its not at all a proper representation of the actual content of the article

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polishforlife said:
Microsoft will fail so hard. Why buy a 360mote when most of the games don't even work with it.

so you can play rts games.

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A link from VGCHARTZ to a post that quotes an article from VGCHARTZ.... 

Tell me I'm not the only one who sees the humor here.

whats humorous is that the actual article has got nothing to do with what was dugg

here is where they got Halo Wars from:
"Siren: I’ve heard the 360mote is real from my industry sources, so I would add that and a few games supporting it to the list of Microsoft surprises. Maybe support for it in Halo Wars."

here is where he got Viva Pinata from:
"Siren: If MS can launch something like Viva Piñata beside the 360mote in Japan, and get Cry-On out this holiday then they should be able to break 1 Million total systems sold in the next 12 months. "

In fairness.. Siren had no intention of claiming that it was happening or anything.. just the dumbass who made this digg without actually reading it

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Strategyking92 said:
polishforlife said:
Microsoft will fail so hard. Why buy a 360mote when most of the games don't even work with it.

so you can play rts games.

Isn't better just to play them on pc.