How many units do you think SWITCH will sell in 2018 (sold through)?

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Sold through in 2018

Less than 10 million 6 5.45%
10 million 2 1.82%
12 million 1 0.91%
15 million 21 19.09%
18 million 51 46.36%
20 million 21 19.09%
25 million 3 2.73%
More than 25 million 5 4.55%

16 mil due to a lackluster game lineup. I'm not expecting Labo to sell systems.

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I think that anywhere between 15-20 million units is a fair prediction. There's a lot of hype around Smash, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Metroid right now; delivering on those titles will be a key factor in driving more sales. (Although for me at least it's unclear if any of those games besides maybe smash bros will be out this year.) Nintendo also needs to clear away the uncertainty over their online services and launch their virtual console already.

I'm not too worried about a lack of content this year though, there's a string of great 3rd party and indie titles lined up at least. We've also already got a Kirby and a Yoshi game to start off the year which is nice. They can also continue to port over Wii U or even Wii games to keep a steady stream of first party content coming. Personally I would love to see something along the lines of a Zelda HD collections with Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and possibly Skyward Sword bundled together.

PwerlvlAmy said:
zorg1000 said:

That makes no sense, Pokemon cant cause 10 million extra sales over the course of a couple months.

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No. The Swith isn't the dark side. That title belongs tp sony being that every console they released since after the OG PS1 was black. Get your references in order damn it.

And to OP



This way whatever it does I can come say it didn't meet my expectations.


For the record I have the PS4 pegged to sell more than 7M in 2018.


And no. I am not biased at all.

Mark my words, it’s going to be a surprising and impressive year. I expect Switch will sell one MILLION units!

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Jumpin said:

Mark my words, it’s going to be a surprising and impressive year. I expect Switch will sell one MILLION units!

Dude keep your expectations in check.  You sound like a fanboy now. 

I also vote 18 million

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TheBlackNaruto said:
trent44 said:

By Dec 31st 2017, Nintendo Switch was 14.86m shipped and ~13m sold-through.

It will probably be at 18m shipped and ~16m sold-through by March 31st 2018.

So, By Dec 31st 2018 I would say Switch will be around 37.86m shipped and ~36m sold-through.

And by March 31st 2019, 42m shipped and ~40m sold-through.

>>>So, for just Jan 1 2018 to Dec 31st 2018, my prediction is 23 million sold-through

Whoa 23 million SOLD through......now that is a bold prediction.....even with the current start(which is not bad at all) do you still think it will hit 23 million SOLD THROUGH? And what are you basing such a bold and huge prediction off of to cause the sales to spike THAT much?

I am thinking between 15-17.5 mil.

I made this prediction betting on both Smash Bros, and Pokemon (or Animal Crossing) launching this year, with all the Switch hardware shortages being a thing of the past this year, as well as E3 revealing a good supporting lineup of mid-size releases throughout the rest of the year.

I don't think we will see a hardware revision or price cut until 2019, but they may start doing $299 with a game included as the base package sometime this year.

Nintendo's forecast of 20m seems conservative to me, I think they will outperform it handily like they did last year.

The Wii U brought out the conservative side of Nintendo pretty dang hard, and I think they are still erring on the side of caution with their hardware forecasts because it is still recent for them.

Nintendo says 20m. Have they set the bar too high in recent years? Most recent one I remember is 3DS' first or second fiscal year.

Anyway, I'm guessing 23, since they usually lowball it. They have to have an Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Metroid or just a Pokemon to get those numbers.

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I mean I get why Pokemon could really increase sales. But I really doubt animal crossing is as strong as an IP as it was a decade ago.

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Qwark said:
I mean I get why Pokemon could really increase sales. But I really doubt animal crossing is as strong as an IP as it was a decade ago.

I agree it's definitely not as strong as Pokémon, but why do you think Animal Crossing is weaker than 10 years ago when the last game on the series is the best selling one? It did 11.7m and, believe or not, it's still selling.

OP: As for my prediction, sell through for this year alone, I expect something around 17m. 

Jan/Feb/Mar: 2.6m

Apr/May/Jun: 2.3m

Jul/Aug/Sep: 3.2m

Oct/Nov/Dec: 8.9m

PS: Without Pokémon or 2D Mario, like some people are expecting.

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Voted 15 million units sold, but have my prediction at 14 million. The switch will most likely have about the same sale numbers 2017 had unless we see Pokemon release, which I think it's unlikely at this stage (who releases a game with just 4 months announcement in between release date??).

Nintendos recent quarterly report is giving me points, they shipped just about 200k more Switchs in q1 2018 compared to q1 2017.

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