How many hours do you spend at VGChartz per week?

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Hours per week

1 or less 8 19.05%
2 5 11.90%
4 7 16.67%
7 5 11.90%
14 11 26.19%
21 2 4.76%
28 1 2.38%
35 1 2.38%
42 1 2.38%
50 or more (seriously?) 1 2.38%

Like 10 hours, give or take.

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I hop on for a few mins at a time and then I'm off for hours. Maybe 7 to 10 hours a week. It just depends on the threads. I wish the forum was more active.

Basically whenever I'm on my computer I'm on VGC too, even if I'm not posting much, I'm browsing and checking threads etc...although I suppose it makes sense for me to spend a lot of hours on here considering my position, lol.

less and less nowadays. VgChartz has been rendered unusable on anything but a machine with an add blocker installed so only access when I don't have to see how bad they have made this site now.

log on a couple times a day for a maybe 15ish minutes each time.


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Oh yeah I meant to mention too that I do not visit this site on mobile at a l l .... the ads are just so terrible.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
VGPolyglot said:

If only you got the writer job, then you'd actually have VGC as an occupation





That was savage.

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A damn lot less than I used to.
Probably 50 hours less.

There was a time when I'd spend full days here. Now, ten or twenty minutes a day, if that. I log in, read a few posts, and I'm out. Some days, I don't log in at all.

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Maybe around 10 or so hours? I usually only sign on at nights for an hour or 2. I do check throughout the day for news, so I spend more on the site offline.



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