I've been diagnosed with tinnitus. Yay.

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I have it but I really don't notice it unless I focus in on the sound. Guessing I have a mild case

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I've had tinnitus for years now, it sort of comes and goes in episodes, can last from minutes, to hours, to full days, and of varying volumes. If I focus on it I hear it louder, but I can also make it go away by simply ignoring it/tuning it out by having other sounds playing... I first noticed it after coming back from a gig and my ears were ringing, which is standard anyway, but this time my ears were still ringing the morning after, so I googled it, and then the day later, with the ringing still in my ears I went to the doctors and, well, here I am, lol.

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What great timing; eh?

Official VGChartz Tinnitus Megathread incoming?

Make it happen!

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Official VGChartz Tinnitus Megathread incoming?

Make it happen!

we'll never hear the end of it then.




I will see myself out 

Though was tetanus...  Sorry about ringing in ear though.  Drive me crazy.

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Could it be that you have been going to too many too loud music concerts? Or that you listen to your music with earphones that you crank up to max all the time? Those are reasons for ears to keep ringing permanently.

You should try going to one of those sound proof rooms they make, not sure where those are but they exist. They use some special material in the walls and the room literally absorbs all and every sound. When you stand in there with normal ears you have a very uncomfortable feeling of emptiness in your head, the silence is almost painful. It's hard to explain...

Point is that with your condition maybe standing in that type of room for some time would help.


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Mine is very loud today, but I wasn't aware of this until I read the thread. Constant, high pitched sound that comes from within the skull if you will. I read somewhere that most people have it to some degree.

It's interesting that it doesn't impair hearing in my case at least. I think of it as kind of a virtual sound. Still there and can be very loud sometimes.

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This is a funny(or rather, a sad) coincidence. I just talked about this with VGPolygot today. I've been slowly developing it for a few months I think, but since yesterday it has occurred frequently.

its a heavily non understood thing. its probably mental and there is no physical issue with the person. 


It's not psychological, it is based on actual damage to the hearing, but where you are right is that most types of tinnitus cannot by objectively assessed by a doctor. They can't see (or hear) the damage, so they have to take your word for it to diagnose. It’s incredibly common - I have a mild case myself - and if you want to avoid it, wear ear-plugs to concerts, keep your headphones turned down and don't operate noisy machinery without ear defenders.

The effect can be mitigated by playing music or noise to distract the brain, but more severe cases are, unfortunately, life-altering.

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i got it out of nowhere a few years ago. no reason for it, i've always listened to all music/tv/games etc as low as possible while still being able to hear them, hardly ever went to any loud clubs, no concerts. it's very low in my right ear, and reasonably loud in my left ear, but it's only really noticeable in complete silence, so it's not too bad. just sleep with a dan at night.

only worry is that it gets worse, and sometimes the extra ringing I get. apparently when your ear rings it is a frequency dying off that you will never hear again. so hopefully it's not that and is just the tinnitus messing around instead.

overall, i think it's best to think about it as little as possible and hope for the best, you really have no affect on it unless you are being stupid