When is the best time for a game to be announced?

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What do you prefer?

Announcements far away from launch 8 28.57%
Announcements close to launch 20 71.43%

12 months or less before release. Gives it enough time to build hype, but it isn't so long that people will get bored waiting for it.

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Close to launch like how they did Fallout 4.

not too close and not too away

basically. 8-12 months. but. thats to me

to them its probably 2 or 3 EEEs.

6-9 months for a $60 dollar game. 1 day to 3 months if it's $30 or less.

No more than a year I'd say.

Anything more than that, and the hype becomes dormant until launch is super close, and speculation turns into degenerative rumors that 80% of the time lead to nowhere and become completely irrelevant by the time the game comes out.

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The closer, the better. Unless they're talking about launching the game 1 week later after the intial reveal ...

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Sooner is definitely better than later I feel, but I think no more than a year is good. If the game takes any longer the wait becomes annoying, and it if takes long enough, doubt will begin to set in, which I'm sure the companies involved don't want that at all.



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The games should at least be 50% complete before being announced. Then come out within 6-12 months.

Who cares if the people say the series is dead.
It's not like that hurt fallout 4 sales in the slightest.

On topic, it should be announced a around 6 months before.
A lot of publishers are transitioning to a shorter turnaround.including Ubisoft Bethesda and Nintendo.

Sony and Square Enix have to step their game up on this matter.

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Depends what the game is. Big games is nice to have time to build up hype for

But 6-12 months is generally good

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