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Stuart23 said:

Bandai straight up said that they didn't believed that Switch would be accepted that fast and they were looking to ramp up the production on Switch to boost more games in the console starting in april. That was said back in november, just 4 months ago. Games take time to be produced, no one can say for sure if those games listed will make it to Switch, some maybe, some don't, but definitelly have more in store to be revealed for Switch. Be patience,thirds weren't expecting demand for their games after the Wii U-third-party-disaster, you can't blame them for not being prepared for the Switch's success.

Good point. Would like to see Dragon Ball Fighterz on the Switch sometime. Will be getting Dark Souls Remastered on there.

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Amd why is Secret of Mana remake not on Switch?


PwerlvlAmy said:
Its a hard logic

1. Vow to boycott and show them they will not stand for their practices by buying ports of older games or late ports and speak with your money


2. Said dev/pub sees their game sales not selling due to boycott or whatever reason, then decide to not support the platform at all and no longer releases their games on said system

Oh damn, nail on the head right here. 


"I don't give a shit about this company anymore. I don't care about what they do anymore. I'm out."

You don't?

Honestly, you just sound like a salty fanboy.

I just bought 2 Namco games today. The thing is, if you really wanted to play their games then you would buy the appropriate console to do so. Since you haven't, it makes me think you don't really care about their games anyway. Or just be like me and own a switch and a ps4, problem solved.

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Yeah I see myself buying 4 or 5 games from them in 2018

pokoko said:
Do you boycott developers and publishers who put games on Nintendo platforms but skip either Playstation, Microsoft, or PC? Just curious.

Such as?


I'm done with Namco Bandai, never again




ok just this one

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I’m pretty upset with the lack of Switch for God Eater 3, mainly because it’s a stupid business decision not to include it. There really isn’t any competition for that type of game on the Switch. Combine the fact it’s portable and then it sells more in Japan too. I could understand no Code Vein, but no God Eater? Especially when the majority of the fan base was on the Vita? Idk. If Bandai has/had plans to bring the game to the Switch, they should’ve announced it, regardless on how long it was gonna take.

Personally the only other games from them I’m upset aren’t confirmed for the system are Code Vein and the new One Piece game, and now God Eater 3. (I would also love ports of both Digimon Cyber Sleuth games)

I hope they decide to bring some more games to the Switch.

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JRPGfan said:
Alkibiádēs said:
Most of their internally developed games are mediocre and low budget anime crap, so I don't really care.

Ni No Kuni 2 
Little Witch Academia
My Hero Academia
Sword Art Online games (Infinity Moment, Hollow Fragment, Lost Song)
Tales of series 
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth & Hacker's Memory
Dark Souls II & III  (and Dark Souls: Remastered)
Ace Combat
.hack//G.U. games

They make/publish some good games, not all of them are "greats" but alot of them are pretty good.

Boycutting them would hurt abit if your a fan of one of these series.

Ni No Kuni 2 was developed by Level-5.

Dragonball FighterZ was developed by Arc System Works

Dark Souls was developed by From Software (and self-published in Japan)

Like I said, their internally developed games are mostly mediocre anime crap.

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