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Lawlight said:
Platina said:

You forgot to mention that Nintendo was doomed from the start

They are doomed - doomed to finish second.

Like the PSP, PS3 and PS Vita you mean?

"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must" - Thoukydides

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Kjartan said:
How about Nintendo starts with adding more languages to it's system? The Switch is available in 8 different Europeans languages while this number goes up to 18 for the PS4.

This is big part.. and not only the system.. they should also make the games in more languages.. I have seen many ps games in danish.. but almost none from Nintendo.. A "thing" like labo.. and labo garage.. will sell much more (and that would sell more consoles) if it have the languages pre 15 years old can read and understand.

But I think they are on the right way... and in a not distant future.. where games a not tied to a single system... Nintendo games will dominate.. and thats a fact :)

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BlackBeauty said:

The answer is abondon Europe and chase China instead.

They need Europe as much as the switch need 3rd parties.

The real answer is no. India and China (aka indies) are what they should be focusing on.

Dude if they get China to convert from pc gaming to Ninty gaming with moves like they're making with tencent, no one will be able to stop switch dominance. If they get India to buy consoles as well, then it's just history. It'll happen eventually but when China joins the fray, even the US would look like child's play. Sony can have Europe all they want, if Ninty gets Asia the console wars with;; be over, done with we might even get our first 200 mil console. That's just 10% of China so imagine that. 

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