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prepare to get lost and side tracked like i did for like 300hrs in the game lol

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-Get a screen protector and a hardshell carrying case.  (you can get both from Hori on Amazon for cheap and will never regret it.)

-When you have the extra coin, the Pro Controller is the only way to fly.

-Hori makes an awesome little fold out stand for Switch for tabletop mode, that allows for the charger to be plugged in during use if wanted.  It's like $12-15.

I can comment only on Zelda, since I'm playing it on Wii U.

Not finished yet (3 Divine Beasts down), but so far it's my least favourite 3D Zelda (not counting MM which I quit quite early due to annoying 3 day mechanism).

Now, Zelda is consistently in my "Top 10 IPs with 3 or more entries", and as someone who complained about Anouma's "puzzle time" Zeldas for so long and has been enjoying open world games ever since early 90s BotW should be right up my alley, but it's not - honestly, at this point I feel like it's Anouma's Trojan "Portal puzzles on easy" horse with all the damn shrines, and open world exploration is ultimately easily broken (just like weapons) with Link free climbing ability (except in said shrines, where his "a fly sticking to the wall" skill is turned off by design, since that would break a lot of those puzzles).

I could go on, but I'm lazy to write full review, so, as someone said it somewhere, it ultimately boils down to game just lacking that Zelda magic that previous games had, despite their other flaws.

It's not all bad, I'm still playing it and there are quite a few things that I enjoy about it, but all in all, it's far from best 3D Zelda, let alone anything else...well, at least for me - I don't know, maybe I'm just too old and played way too many games, but BotW, so far, does very little for me.

Breath of the wild is amazing played over 350 hrs n only did half the divine beast and 80+shrines..haven't beat it yet but I plan to get back to it after beating some other games then getting back to it

sub-zero-TM said:
Acevil said:

Launch price 399.99 CAD. Wish it was 100 dollar CAD cheaper but I like the device.

That's the price with the game right ? i'm paying mine 380 euros with Zelda included.

380€ seems to be a lot.

You can currently order the switch for 300€:





And zelda for 56€:



Or if you want the switch with red joycons and mario odyssey (355€):


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I would recommend Xenoblade 2 as well. Also, Bayonetta 2 if you haven't played it.

I almost envy you. Playing Breath of the Wild for the first time is something magical. Also get a Pro controller when you can afford it.

PS: Don't even think about it. Switch is an amazing piece of hardware, you'll love it.

sub-zero-TM said: 

Thanks for responding man .. sounds like you really love the console. And don't worry i know how to immerse myself into games especially into ones like Breath of the Wild ;)

I know i should definitely get the pro controller but it's stupid expensive right now and i just don't have the money anymore. :/

Can you or anybody tell me what's the battery life on this thing ? 

Pro Controller isn't necessity so don't think you have to buy it. The Joy Cons do work well enough, and you'll have to use them anyway when playing on the go. Despite all this, I still got a Pro Controller anyway lel.

AAA games like Zelda will last about 3 hours, but less demanding games can go longer. If you're gonna be using it portably then a carrying case is absolutely mandatory. Could go with screen protectors aswell but not necessary as long as you got the case.

Also, since money is a bit of a concern I would probably wait until the holidays for some deals.

I'm probably not the most inbiased person you can listen to when it comes to Zelda, but Breath of the Wild is amazing. The freshest game I've played in years. Couldn't tell you about the Switch itself though, I don't have one yet.

All I have to add is BotW isn't worth what it got on MC. I'd say it's a solid 91-93.

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