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Alex Mercer from Prototype.

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Lightning. She was strong, motivated and didn’t take any shit.

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Hmmm...Corrin,maybe? Even tho I admit he/she is dumb as a snail.

Reading over this thread made me realise I'm just like the consensus. :P

I wouldn't say they are my favourite but maybe just not 'as hated', does that make sense? I mean for all his failings, Vaan is alright, Tidus is fine too. The other way around, protagonists people like but I hate though, that number will be higher.

haxxiy said:

I don't think Lightning is hated. There is only one punchable face on FFXIII and that's Hope.

No, that's Snow. 

Hmm, pie.

Joel from The Last of Us.

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Mr_No said:
Joel from The Last of Us.

Most people hate Joel? Since when? :O

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Franklin, from GTA V

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Guess Ill go with Raiden from MGS2. Even tho its not my fav, is one of my favs, and people really hate him.


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Ka-pi96 said:
Mr_No said:
Joel from The Last of Us.

Most people hate Joel? Since when? :O

Dude's a psychopath, but I do think I'm in the minority when saying I don't like him. I disassociated myself from his actions near the end that I was not in control of. Bit different to say Nathan Drake who is a homocidal maniac or Captain Walker who is actually insane (I made that bugger shoot himself).

Hmm, pie.

i’m going to go with emil from tales of symphonia: dawn of the new world.

though for most of the game he could be irksome and sometimes unbearable, by the end i thought he’d become an interesting and likeable character.

also, fun fact: dotnw is the only tales game i’ve played to completion.