Nintendo Direct Announced for Thursday March 8th at 5PM EST

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Direct Announced for Thursday March 8th at 5PM EST

I'm going to keep my expectations low.


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We also got some new 3DS SKU's too. Interesting. I wonder what the 3DS is getting and how much salt will be spilled when they're announced lol.


There will definetly be atleast 1-2 big games. They announced all their big titles in January last year so we will atleast have the big games of the summer, if big games of summer there is.

Also, already 100k watching on youtube iss crazzyyy

I am going to watch it with the easy allies (live reactions)


Will start up any minute and the crew is Ben/Brandon/Kyle Bosman

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I'm losing it I wants it now XD but yeah hype through the roof

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yeah there should for sure be a few new announcements, at least 1 or 2 new things if we go by how the last mini direct was only 15 minutes and had plenty of new announcements (though a lot of them happened to be ports)

this one is 30 minutes, depends on how much time they split between 3DS and Switch though

5 minutes!

Streaming it as well on my channel.


3 minutes people.3 MINUTES!!!!!!