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Hey OP let me know when you find a real site to get real facts, Trump says shit like this to make the lefts head explode and he does so well living in the lefts head rent free.

I love the man. Nothing on a video game forum can or will ever change that.


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CaptainExplosion said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I've not seen a single thing to suggest that Trump is either of those things. Dumb, sure, but not evil/fascist.

He's incited xenophobia on all fronts, shifted blame from the alt-right to video games for mass shootings, and is very likely a rapist.

Xenophobia? Not evil/fascist. It's just an easy and effective way to control people, patriotism always is.

Blaming video games for shootings? Yeah, like I said, dumb. But that's not even remotely evil or fascist.

Rapist? Definitely nothing fascist about that. Potentially evil, but can you prove that he even is a rapist first?

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CaptainExplosion said:

Trump said that China's new president is president for life, and that the United States "should give it a shot" some day.

More proof he's a sociopath, a fascist, and a dictator, so impeach him now.

Do you know what the act of impeachment is? It's indictment for a crime, which leads to Congress deciding whether or not to remove someone from office independently of that if they are found guilty of said crime. Clinton was impeached, found guilty of lying under oath and Congress did not get enough votes to remove him from office.

While I don't doubt Trump has committed a hilariously large amount of crimes, it needs to be proven in a congressional court.

why not??

I can imagine how Republicans would have reacted if Obama had made such a dictatorial statement 🙂.

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Hyperbole man. Did you stop to think you may be doing more damage than good calling out Trump for every little thing, he's not hitler, he's not a dictator, He's most likely not a sociopath. This kind of shit is nonsensical and a big part of the reason he was elected and is still popular, You're giving the man a shield he can use to deflect real issues. I don't think he is the worst president ever or even in recent years but his political opponent and the public who hate him, who go on like this with reactionary over the top nonsense like this make a situation that is not the greatest into a far worse one.


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Hey, he already has his daughter and son in law working for him, why not just go all the way?

Seriously though, even though he may really think this is a good idea deep down, he presented it as a joke, so it shouldn't be news worthy on major networks.
But of course, if Obama had said something like this, Fox News would explode worse than that time he use mustard on a hotdog.

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pokoko said:

This thread is a microcosm of why I hate politics.  

It dissolves into two groups of extremists who are determined to over exaggerate everything and turn any kind of discussion into "alt-right" versus "leftist" bullshit.  

It's exactly like the console wars except a lot more childish.


Normally I dismiss Trump hate.

But suggesting you should be president for life is never good.

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From the signature to all the posts on this thread... OP really needs some anger management classes.

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