What is your favorite game of the current generation so far ?

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LuccaCardoso1 said:
StreaK said:

Yeah man, I totally hear ya! Don't get me wrong, there will always be those select few loyalists who will still stand by their favourite Zelda but as a whole I get your point. The newest one has to be the best (at least for a little while) until they realize it wasn't as good as they originally thought and/or the best once the next game comes out in the series haha. 

I don't know, I just think a game like SotC does the whole empty world thing a hell of a lot better. There's a real purpose to it and adds a lot to the whole, entire emotional content of the game because it's meant to be "simple". For me, Zelda just doesn't have that "emotional" content I so strive for so the emptiness just doesn't speak to me in the same way. I guess I'm not a true, "classic" gamer like I used to be when I was younger. I use games as an escape mechanism to truly "relish" in the game's atmosphere or story. I don't care about collecting items or trophies or whatever...I just want to experience something that changes my perspective on life. Something meaningful, if you will, for the most part anyway.  

I honestly don't remember people praising Skyward Sword as the best Zelda, let alone the best game of all time.

I agree!! Fans had their fair share of complaints about TP and WW as well.