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Batman: Arkham Knight 3 4.92%
GT Sport 8 13.11%
Rainbow Six: Siege 2 3.28%
Titanfall 2 12 19.67%
Driveclub 6 9.84%
Alien: Isolation 10 16.39%
The Last Guardian 9 14.75%
Infamous: Second Son 7 11.48%
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate 4 6.56%

Pure Pool.

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Closest one that I have played and finished would be TMS#FE. I feel like it deserves better scores/critics/sales from JRPG fans, Wii U owners, FE fans and gamers in general. I just love everything about it. And the ending is like one of those Animes where you dont want it to end because you just LOVE it SOOOO MUCH.

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PSintend0 said:
I got to say Splatoon 2, the game just keeps on offering new content. A new weapon the Sloshing Machine Neo literally just came out yesterday, its amazing that Nintendo is willing to give huge amounts of post release content for free. Also it helps that the gameplay, music, visual style etc. are all great.

Oh yeah... a game that is selling way more than BOTW in Japan....


OP: Nioh, Until dawn, sunset overdrive?


and where the hell is the evil within 2?

I don't really think most of these are even close to being underrated ... but I suppose that's my problem and not the lists problem. I voted Last Guardian out of the pole even though it's reception was pretty fair.

I haven't played any of them

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Sixteenvolt420 said:
bananaking21 said:
Until Dawn
Infamous second son
Don't Starve
For Honor
Mass Effect: Andromeda (yes I said it)

I just got done playing ME:A, and i definitely enjoyed it. The animations definitely were sub par, but that's about it, imo.

im still in the middle of it. but Mass event never had strong or good animations to begin with. the game has other short comings sure, but they dont make it a bad game. the other games were better for sure, but ME:A is still a good game.

DriveClub, IMO its great game and I dont even like racer games.

Quantum Break for sure.

I don't think the games in the poll are underrated. If anything, Titanfall 2 is overrated for example.

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

Mass Effect Andromeda (yes really) not the greatest game in the world or anything, but i would say overall quality is about the same as Biowares last game; Dragon Age Inquisition. That game made some GOTY, wrongfully so since anything more than 8 out of 10 for that games is just wrong and andromeda is the laughing stock of the internet. We didn't even get DLC cause of it and Bioware DLC is always great.