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6hrs is what I usually get but 7-8 is nice when I'm off. Recently though, I've been getting 4-5 hours.

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I usually get 5 hours. But 6 or 7 is what I need

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I used to have enough at 4 hours a night and could skip the occasional night, yet the older I get the more I seem to need. Skipping a night has been no go for a long time. Nowadays 4 is still fine for a few nights as long as the sun is out. If it's overcast I feel very tired with that amount of sleep and rather have at least 7. Not necessarily all in one go though, I nap more often the older I get.

Between 7 and 8 hours.


On weekends less than that ( 5 to 7 hours).

Still very functional at 5hrs, but would prefer around 6-8hrs. My body wont let me sleep in more even if I tried.

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7-8 hours and I'm pretty fine. I can do with 5 hours though and go through the day. That usually happens when I'm addicted to a TV show/ videogame xD.

Around 8 hours.

I seem to do fine with 8 hours of sleep, if I do less I start feeling tired at some point in the day, during the weekend when I manage to sleep more than 8 hours I find myself tired in the morning, but I think I would benefit from slepping an additional hour every day

Between 4-6 hours a night is my usual. I get 7 when I have nothing scheduled to wake up for. Other than that my body likes to wake up early


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