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I 100% agree. It's so much filler. The point of most TV shows is to be on the air as long as possible so they stretch out the story as needed. I got stuck on season 3 of Breaking Bad. I could watch 1 movie for every 3 or 4 episodes of Tv and get complete stories.

Long live cinema!


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Well personally I enjoy both, but I actually prefer shows over movies. While it's true that shows will often have elements drawn out for the sake of filling a certain number of episodes and seasons, movies have the opposite problem, in that most of them tend to rush through certain elements in order to keep up pacing, and make sure they don't exceed run time. Given the choice between the two, I'd rather have something stretched out a bit, but give me more time world building, developing the characters, expanding on plot elements, etc.

I think it is is in how a writer uses the time they have on a movie or show.

The biggest challenge a movie has is limited to three hours to tell the story.  You have to have an arc, some climax and resolution so the development gets truncated.  A great writer or director uses this economy wisely telling you as much as possible in the brief time they have.  This is why "show, don't tell" is important because twenty minutes of pure exposition is exhausting to sit through.  The character design, fashion, expression, speech, even their musical theme tells you a lot quickly.

Shows can delve deeper showing a more protracted and natural development of a character arc, but they have to keep the attention of the viewer while doing it. This can lead to more fulfilling payoffs, but it can also cause filler issues in the story.

Many shows I watch I think if each episode by the end needed to be there.  I enjoyed Jessica Jones, but you easily could have shaved two episodes off and nothing be lost and it would have better pacing.

One thing I hope the Black Mirror model shapes is not being stuck making episodes a set time frame.  Maybe Episode one is 72 minutes, episode 2 is 37, episode 3 is 55, etc.  Have the story come first rather than constricted by outdated constructs of how television use to be.  this is mainly for streaming services like Netflix that don't worry about time slots and commercial breaks.

Just dont watch the bad ones :)

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oh and do yourself a favour and dont watch any trailers, nothing. just start with the first episode. if its boring, dont watch :D

I really like tv shows and anime that stretch on. Long form entertainment can get a lot deeper with the characters and storyline than a film ever could. To each their own.

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If you must hate all TV shows just cause you don't like a couple of specific ones, you are going to miss a lot of good stuff.

With the same reasoning I could say I hate the entire movie industry because I saw once this movie called "Coffee and Cigarettes" and it was boring as hell. So no more movies for me, ever!

Now on a more serious note I could argue the exact same opposite that you do when you say that all stories could be told in two hours. I find that movies are way too short to really tell a story and the deeper and more complex the story the more impossible it is to wrap it up in 2 hours sometimes in 90 minutes only. This format works for some movies like comedies or horror movies but if they made The Lord of the Rings in two hours it would feel to me like a long trailer, a summary and nothing more.

TV shows are a much better format to tell a complex story. Granted some shows have some unnecessary fillers but that is due to a bad production and it's not a flaw inherent to the format. A good story in which you love the characters and the plot will feel too short even after a full season. For example I love Family Guy and I think you said you do to so would you be happy if Family guy was a two hours movie and NOTHING ELSE? No more Family guy after that? No episodes, no characters development, no seeing Stewie change over time from evil little kid to a kinder smart mouth? So clearly TV shows over movies any day for me.

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Anime shows are the worst. Watching some episodes of todays hip japanese animation, asking myself whats with all the chitchat and character thoughts disrupting the action of the scene. Main characters, side characters, conversating lengthily and pondering and talk talk talk. The newest Berserk is a good example or Dragon Ball Super Tournament. So freaking tedious.

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