Do you keep your old gaming consoles?

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Do you keep your old gaming consoles?

Yes 56 72.73%
No 5 6.49%
Some 16 20.78%

Only if they are backwards compatable. For example, I ditched my DS cause I have a 3ds. And would sell my gamecube cause wii. Otherwise hell no.

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I keep them because I still play Super Mario Sluggers, and my Super Smash Bros. club at my school and sometimes bring Brawl


No. I will typically give older consoles away to family members. I am a grown man with kids and I run a computer business out of my home. I don't have room for all the older consoles I would play. Not to mention I have enough of a backlog just from the Xbone, I don't need to dabble in old Dreamcast or PSone games.

Still have all my old consoles, except my Master System 2 that I donated for a children's home. Even still have the box of my NES

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I keep like my old handhelds, like the PSP and GBA but I don't keep all mainline consoles, I sold the gamecube, ps2 and original xbox I still have the ps3 but thats just because the ps4 wasn't backwards compatible.

I voted some.

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I finally got rid of my sleep-on-the-sidewalk day one Wii this Xmas. Hadn't taken it out of it's under the bed box for 4ish years. Gave it free to a guy at work with 4 kids and little cash. His kids think Santa gave it to them. Feels good except when I think I should have kept WiiSports to play on my WiiU and gave those kids a different game to play. Wii Bowling will be missed at times...I will probably never get rid of my WiiU because of Rockband/Guitar Hero and the addiction to plastic instruments that can't be [reasonably cheaply] replaced because I have $1000's of items/songs that won't ever be available again.  [and a BIG thumbs up to Nintendo for quality construction on a item that was used for 1000's of hours and never even sneezed.] 

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Yes, my GameCube and Wii are still hooked up to the TV :p

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the2real4mafol said:
Barozi said:
I keep them as they are barely worth anything nowadays.

That's normally true but Sega and Nintendo are increasingly valuable for some reason

Depends. I can find Dreamcast, Wii, WiiU, NES and SNES for under 100€ each at an online reseller. Considering they want to make a profit off these consoles, they will probably pay you 50-70€ per console. Hardly anything to get excited about.

I kept all of them. I'm too lazy to sell them, so I store them away. I would just give them away if anyone wanted but no one wants old garbage. So they're gonna consume space and collect dust until I need space for something more important.

Currently collecting plenty of dust:

PS4(non Pro)
About half a ton of old PC parts and cases, monitors and stuff.

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