Puyo Puyo Tetris almost sold 1 million on Switch

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xMetroid said:
zorg1000 said:

I just hope its not like a Wii situation.

"Wow look at how good these old ports are selling, lets use the profits to fund our over budget AAA games on PS/XB/PC!!!"

Right! But i think Switch might end up like a savior for some games that do not perform well on other platforms and it's a really good idea. Like TEW2 for instance. But i think we will get some exclusives as well seeing how well M+R is performing and its not like they announced 2 years prior and marketed the snickers out of it. 


But anyway, Nintendo has only 1 child to take care of now so in the worst case scenario, we will start seeing more games late 2018/2019 to give studios time to get to the Switch.

Savior might be pushing it lol

But I see your point, Evil Within 2 & Prey both underperformed for Bethesda last year and based on sales of the Skyrim & DOOM ports, they may see an opportunity to get a an extra few 100k sales from each game by porting them to Switch.

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Glad to see this announcement. Every third party title that gets praise for its success can only be of benefit.

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But 3rd party games dont sell on Nintendo platforms! :)

Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes digital then?

Great news


Well, that's great news.

This reminds of when Capcom said that street fighter V shipments were "approaching 2.5M", but when their press release came just came out a week ago, they just hit 2 million.

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Sales are very surprising, I got the game, was one of the few games i regretted buying. Was hoping for a fun local mp game like tricky towers, but after a few games it didn't come close to that level of excitement.

I hear the news is actually that it nearly sold 1 mil among all platforms, but sold the most on the Switch. Still good to hear though. I used to play this quite a bit when it released, but not so much anymore. I do miss playing with some peeps here online. I would love to do that again.



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That's really good if true

Does make for a good digital game, so it does make sense

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