Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing October 26th, new screenshots

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damn I was hoping this was a summer game..but shit I'm also hoping take two doesn't infest this game with micro-transactions

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Great news! Not long now, this one'll take up most of my time when it releases just like the first one.


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Hopefully the gameplay will have improved as much as the visuals.

shikamaru317 said:
COKTOE said:
It's going to be great for wild west immersion when loot-boxes are spat out from another dimension from a purple vortex.

Eh, I'm sure they'll be multiplayer only. Not like you're going to get much immersion in multiplayer anyway with 12 year old kids screaming in your ears xD

You're almost certainly right. I'm preparing for the worst of the worst however.

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Good thing I'll have something to play this fall by the time that game releases.


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hopefully my interest will peak by the time oct rolls around

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Day one for me.

So excited. At first was bummed out about it coming out so late but more polish is good.