What's your stance on usage of game/strategy guides while playing?

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Strategy guides: for or against?

Love 'em. 6 19.35%
Hate 'em! 3 9.68%
Use 'em sometimes! 22 70.97%
Ultrashroomz said:
Wright said:

Never the first playthrough, but I don't mind at all for subsequent ones, especially for bitchy missables that I don't think I would have found out by myself. Honorable mention to Persona 4, which I only played once but forced me to use a guide for some shitty aspect of the game's story.

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I was thinking more of the elevator doors that refuse to open. xD

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I used to love guides, I had quite a few about 10-15 years ago, I used them for games I really enjoyed and wanted to replay perfectly. I even used to try making my own guides, still have some of them stuffed away back home. In case I ever wanted to know what day of the year it is in Wild Arms 3, the solution to some puzzle in Breath of Fire, my optimal GF distribution and abilities to learn on FFVIII, or specific setups for challenge runs through Paper Mario, I had it all written down with maps (badly) drawn. I didn't use them as much as I intended though, making them was more fun than actually using them.

But I prefer not to use guides/wikis these days, unless I really have no idea what to do (FFXI is about the only game I regularly consult guides for). The way I play games has changed and now I'm not so bothered with getting everything or doing things optimally, I'd rather just play games my way and discover things naturally.

My stance is this. Games these days which focus on a percentage are designed purposefully to be unbeatable without using one. No one is the world is going to 100% a GTA game (and by that, I mean find and do every thing in the game) without a walkthrough. So if you're trying to get 100% in something like that, I say have at at.

Now, if it's just about beating something and you can't find your way through? Then it's cheating. You're basically giving up and the moment you look at a guide, you have invalidated your right to say you beat it... because you didn't. YOU didn't beat it by yourself... you needed someone else's help. There's a difference.

Also, and this slightly off topic, but if you beat an old game (like something on SNES classic or a stolen ROM) with save-states? You also didn't beat it. You cheated.

The official pokemon guide for pokemon R/B/Y made the experience so much more magical


irstupid said:
Typically never touch one unless on a future playthrough, or end game 100%

It ruins the experience using one. You get spoiled, you lose the sense of accomplishment for figuring out or doing something yourself. The game starts to feel like to do list, ect.

Only times I ever check one out during first playthrough is when I know how to do something, but the game mechanics seem to be shitty. Such as in BOTW, there is one trial that to get a chest you need to hit a ball with a hammer across water to a hole. After basically wasting all of my weapons attempting it, I reloaded and looked online to find out it 5 hits with hammer and 1 quick hit with sword, or X number of hits with sword or whatever the number was. I used the guide bcause the game had taken the enjoyment out of that portion for me.

But take a tales of game for example. Those games annoy me in their guides. When on my new game+'s for those games I am always amazed at what ridiculous things I need to do to 100% the game. It's always some BS like running back to some remote area to talk to some random person after doing one quest but before another. So many missable things that there is no way someone would get on their own unless they rescour the entire world after each completed mission incase some npc has a quick quest.

I would rather just watch some 100% playthrough on Youtube than play a game with a walkthrough.

Ughhh, yes.. absolutely. From a recent experience with Tales of Hearts R, no less.

I appreciate the work that went into devising those sidequests, which are generally good in Tales games, but at some point backtracking is a major chore.

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The last time I got a playing guide was for a Gamecube pokemon game that had XD in its title. Honestly I never used it since then. I prefer to play games as blind as possible. Especially if its from a developer I trust. I have a bad of habit of looking ahead to "prepare " what going to happen only to spoil everything.

So no I don't buy guides. I very rarely use internet ones expect for some old games like NES Final Fantasy games or Ultima.

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sometimes I use guides, it really depends on the game.

I bought a guide for FFXV and don't regret it. It's nice to look at and beats the free ones on the internet simply by ease of use alone. Places like Gamefaqs and stuff are okay, but they're just walls of text and it's hard to navigate as quickly as you can with the book.

One huge issue I ran into though was that I became a stickler for all the sidequests listed on the maps and got sick of them. I never ended up finishing the game.

Nice book though.

I use achievement guides all the time. Strategy guides occasionally, depends on the game.

Really depends on the game. I don't use them for anything other than games like Phoenix Wright (and even then I'll only use them when I'm absolutely stumped.)

I loved reading the Pokemon ones when I was younger, but never actually used them for strategies, I just enjoyed reading them and looking at the illustrations.