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I agree with the OP to a large extent. I enjoyed it, but boy is it flawed. The combat is unresponsive. You are forced to continue fights that you aren't leveled up enough for, whilst in Breath of the Wild, you can just run away. When I get back into it I'll have to start from scratch to make sure I'm powerful enough to beat the botchling, which is very annoying.

The story seems to be well done, the graphics are generic but very high fidelity. It doesn't have a unique art style, hence it won't age well.

The menu system is atrocious, it's so needlessly complicated. Once again BOTW does it correctly. It's very glitchy as well. But I was enjoying it and I plan to get back into it after I'm done with BOTW.

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Witcher 3 has terrible combat but it does a lot of things good. The open world and music are the most noteworthy but I think the sidequests are barely any better than in most open world games because they have little variety gameplay wise.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Medisti said:

The enemies I found in the swamp on my way to deliver the griffin head were also much higher leveled than me, though not as bad as in the graveyard. I'll admit it may be possible I just happened to wander into the worst possible areas which wrongfully gave the impression that was the whole game, but it's bad game design regardless if that's even possible. I absolutely despised the clunky combat and broken controls anyway, so I had no desire to play anymore. Fighting the griffin was a nightmare.

It honestly just sounds like you don't understand the combat, and I mean that with sincerity, because I absolutely hate those kind of "u just suck get good scrub" replies. I mean, the levels of the enemies do matter but something 3-6 or so levels above you isn't going to be that much of a challenge(I'm trying really hard to remember like, how many levels above you a monster had to be in order for it to be really difficult to fight). I have a bad condition of constantly replaying the opening of games a lot. I also really suck at games. So I'm not trying to say this from an elitist perspective, but it really isn't that difficult. You might die once or twice but the Witcher isn't about easy combat necessarily. You shouldn't get discouraged from dying once because in most cases it just means you should have pressed the dodge button or had a different spell equipped. 

In one of the earliest times I restarted the Witcher, I decided to do every sidequest and mission available at the beginning of the game before activating world traversal. The starting area was really really easy, even though most of it I hadn't explored before. You can even tell what quests CD Projekt Red wanted to naturally integrate into the player's journey, like the Swamp quest which literally is right off the road and just involves you spending two minutes going into a Swamp. 

" I'll admit it may be possible I just happened to wander into the worst possible areas which wrongfully gave the impression that was the whole game, but it's bad game design regardless if that's even possible. "

This happened to a pretty well-known reviewer while playing Breath of the Wild. He went to an area behind  the starting plateau I believe, and he died numerous times. He actually learned the enemies attack patterns, but because of weapon degradation he couldn't kill off the enemy without losing all his weapons. This makes it even worse than your Witcher example. So is Breath of the Wild a badly designed game? 

I don't even think this makes much sense in the context of an open world game. An open world game should have depth in it. It's a living, breathing world that you can traverse. The game didn't make you go there, you did. You can just keep riding away if you don't want to fight, and the wraith literally disappears for a few seconds after an engagement begins so it's easy to get away. If all of the open world was tailor made to make every engagement exactly your level or gratifying, it wouldn't feel like an open world. Now if every corner was filled with enemies 70 levels higher than you, that might be an issue *cough cough Xenoblade 2 cough cough*  but that's just not true. 

In fact there's a series that gets a lot of acclaim for it's world building based on enemy placement, called Gothic. Personally I've never played it, so maybe vivister will come in here and show me my place or something, but a big part of it's appeal is that if you go down the wrong path and don't come equipped your fucked. It makes it feel like an actual world. But hell, that's such an extreme example, The Witcher 3 isn't even nearly that bad, or hard. 

I know that's a pretty long winded reply but i'm not like a Witcher apologist or anything. Honestly I never got around to finishing the game, I'd always get to a certain point and be turned off. I just wanted to add my own two cents in, you don't have to agree. 

You don't have to agree with me either. We could have had completely different experiences in the game. And I may suck at it horribly and not understand how it's really played.

But, I will say, in Breath of the Wild, when I push a button, it does that. In Witcher 3, it feels like it never does what I'm pressing. Like there's a delay to everything. And, in BotW, your aim and tactics are a huge part of it. You can kill any enemy in the game with enough strategy, including ones that don't use your weapons at all (like with the runes). In Witcher 3, there didn't seem to be anything I could do to fight enemies much higher leveled other than grind and level up. And that's not fun. I don't want to do that.

I wasn't a fan of Witcher 3 from the outset. I mean, I left that pub at the start of the game and Roach somehow got stuck in the fence outside, and it was a real pain getting him back out.

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Look like this guy convince me not to buy W3, so I'll just get Horizon Zero Dawn CE and Zelda.
Good plan guys?

I've never been able to get into the Witcher 3, but that's mainly as I don't much care for the characters. I'd personally wish to play as some random nobody alongside Geralt and such that I get to design for myself, but perhaps other Western RPG's have spoiled me in that regard.

Despite that issue, it was clear to me that the game was indeed fantastic... I'll probably return to it one day and think myself a fool for giving up on it.

I played it for like 10 hours then stopped caring. It felt like an open world game that wasn't really open. Like it had these huge beautiful expanses but nothing to do in them outside of the typical go here use Witcher sense until you have to kill something

The OP is so bad, it hurts me physically.

Seriously, if you're going to make a bunch of claims, 90% of which are objectively false (and/or you simply being obtuse), at least expand upon them to the point that you're actually formulating an argument.

"This, that, and the other is bad! NO NO NO NO!!!!" isn't the basis of a worthwhile discussion. You're not "hoping to open a conversation." You just wanted to rant about a popular game, deservedly considered a masterpiece, because you were bored, and had nothing better to do. Maybe the game didn't do anything for you, that's fine, nothing is all inclusive, everybody doesn't enjoy the same things.......but don't go running around spouting off a bunch of ignorant statements like they mean anything.

foodfather said:
I agree.

I'm convinced people only like it because it tries to be ''edgy'' and has titays.

I find the writing in particular quite woeful.

You know there's literally videos of those same characters fucking each other's brains out, some fairly high quality so why would anybody buy them to see those boobs for 5 seconds? Not sure how the game is edgy.

Also disagree on the writing, it's fairly solid and many of the side quest feel meaningful for those characters involved. I will agree that the combat is sluggish and awkward.

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