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When I was a kid I died like ten times when I fought Gohma for the first time in Ocarina of Time, but at some point my record in OoT3D was beating him in like 8 seconds so I must've done something wrong when I was young, I just don't remember what anymore.

EDIT: On a more serious note, in the Last of US I always just stood in a corner, made some noise and waited for every dumb AI enemy to come charging in to just knock them down one by one. I barely ever actually used stealth to get through anything. Kind of ruined the game though because I got bored and quit.

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When I was a kid I purchased the Playstation 1 with Final Fantasy 7 and there was a part where you had a snake in a swamp and you had to get a chocobo to cross the swamp.

I didn't understand you had to get a Chocobo so instead I trained for several months to beat the snake in the swamp. Everything after this was extremely easy because I was way to high level :$

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Xen said:
Athaba said:
When I played Ninety Nine Nights for the first time, I didn't know that you are able to equip items to boost your stats. I made my way into the last stage, but damn that game was hard! After a lot of trys I searched the internet for a guide for that last level, because I really struggled to defead the mid-boss. In one of the guides a certain item was recommendet. Wait, what item? ... Cleared the stage and the final boss without any problems :D

I am considering getting this "Konami warriors" game on the cheap, what did you think of it? From videos, etc, it's just a DW clone with hilarious character names.

While the story wasn't ingenious, the gameplay was very good and the characters felt very different. (But you'll play nearly the same levels with all of them, just little varieties. If you can get it cheap, its a nice game, but it's not a polished AA game. 

Final Fantasy 8 as a kid- Used summons the whole game, never upgraded equipment or drained spells. Totally gimped myself on disk 4.

Chrono Cross as a kid- Made it all the way to the Isle of the Damned as Lynx before upgrading any weapons.

Final Fantasy IX- Never used a single weapon long enough to retain their abilities.

Turok 1 and 2- Played exclusivly using cheat codes.

Oh and here is some bonus content...Metal Gear Solid, first game in the franchise I played. Put my friend to sleep when he was staying over because I wanted to "beat the first mission" before we switched to a multiplayer game.

Funny thing is, aside from FF8, I beat all of those games playing it wrong. Most of these are JRPGs...hard to believe I almost specialize in them now lol.

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@Shiken, You just reminded me. The first time I played Chrono Trigger. It was actually my first rpg. I kept discovering new weapons and armor. I think it wasn't until my second playthrough that I actually equipped anything!

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d21lewis said:

@Shiken, You just reminded me. The first time I played Chrono Trigger. It was actually my first rpg. I kept discovering new weapons and armor. I think it wasn't until my second playthrough that I actually equipped anything!

I had a Sega Genisis during that era.  It was not until I got a playstation for Chrono Cross because the comercial was so flashy that I decided to beg my mom to spend 100 plus dollars for a Chrono Trigger copy and strategy guide to play on my friends SNES that I was borrowing.


I actually played CT correctly the first time though.  Glad to know I was not the only one to make my way through our first RPGs likethat lol.

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Whenever I played Rainbow Six 3 as a kid, I always organized a full team of Rainbows, only to kill them all with one specific soldier, then completing the mission solo with said soldier. I could never figure out why I used to this.

While I guess it's a legitimate strategy, I never beat The End in MGS3 without the day-skipping trick when I was a younglin. It was not until MGS3 HD that I could redeem myself.

I used to play RTS games "wrong" when I was young. Instead of building an army as quickly as possible to win I liked to stick around in my base just building stuff to make everything look pretty. And when the computer inevitably attacks with full force, I wasn't ready.

I had a hard time playing The Battle for middle Earth story mode back then because of this. Now, I known exactly how to play and can beat the game in hard more with no problem whatsoever. 😂

The final boss in Unreal Tournament 2004 is broken as hell, it has more life than you, it's faster and stronger, almost never misses and it somehow always knows where you are in the map. However, its AI has a problem with a certain part of the arena, in which it can't find you. So I just killed it once, hid in that corner and waited 20 minutes for the match to be over, winning by default.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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In dead space, I never used that thing that slow down time to anything other than pass some obstacles. I finished the game that way. It was kinda infuriating i had so much of those that i would never use, but was always lacking amunition and oxygen. Later, i saw a gameplay where someone used that item on enemies too, making way easier to take down the tougher enemies of the game. But you know what? I enjoyed the game more that way, it was way more tense.

Also had no idea you could ster in fzero(or mario kart) with the shoulder buttons. Never finished because of it.

In top gear, a racing game, my friend and i would win races and in the end, upgrade our cars parts to keep up with the competition. However, at some point of the game, Our cars were running out of gas before the end of the race, and we keep getting game over after game over, no idea why. Then, we realize our mistake: of all mparts we were upgrading, we never upgrade our gearbox, because we had no idea what was and saw no improvment in spending money upgrading it (we also didn't speak english, so we were clueless on what that word even meant). After finally investing on that, we stoped having a gas problem.

I'm sure am forggeting another one, but thats all i can remeber out of the top of my head.

Just remenbered: in zelda wind waker, i had no idea what bait was for. So i got as far as the triforce quest without barely any maps!

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