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I would choose "Forest Interlude". David Wise used many tricks on this soundtrack... noone would have ever thought that those kind of sound effects (like delay) would be possible on a SNES...

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I like them all. But still Stickerbush Symphony is (unsurprisingly) my favorite.

This game (like the first) is a gem, really.

Hard to choose one definite favourite. I'm gonna go with Disco Train however since the obvious picks have already been mentioned.

This track always used to evoke a special feeling in me as a kid - Sorta like a sensation of freedom, staying up late, going to town at night, visiting a club where the beat drops hard lol.

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palou said:
curl-6 said:

Mining Melancholy. Stickerbush Symphony is a nice track but a tad overrated IMHO.

Structurally, it's certainly extremely interesting, so in that aspect, it does deserve to be remembered, I think.

It is an interesting and good track, I just like tracks like Flight of the Zinger, Forest Interlude, and Lost World Anthem better.

Didn’t remember how good donkey sound track was until I replayed on snes mini. Really good.

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Forest Interlude is very very soothing. Brings back memories of traveling abroad...

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The whole thing is so damn good, but I guess Mining Melancholy or Stickerbush Symphony.

So, will this thread series be continuing with the other DKC games?

Stickerbush Symphony and Lockjaw's Saga would be my favourites

Mining Melancholy/Hot Head Bop.

God I love this game and its soundtrack.