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250+ games (including PUBG). At this point most of the games have a little age on them, but definitely quality titles. I really do not play Steam that much and would put the money towards an SSD or a trip to Vietnam. Start the bidding at $1 and sell if I think the price is enough. Any questions feel free to ask. I believe the total value was around 3-4 thousand, but actual value (the lowest price of each game) was around 2 thousand. Of course I'm not looking for that much.


PS: Cannot give account name in here, since it is against TOS to sell a Steam account.


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I bid $1.15, I hope I win.

arent there better places to sell steam account? dont know if you find a big enough audience here

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^ This is the biggest I've found that has a reputable community. Playerauction requires me to give them information on myself and my account. I'd rather not run the risk of Valve closing my account for selling it.


I don't think that's allowed in Steam's terms of service, so I am not going to purchase an account just to risk it being terminated shortly afterwards.

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Surely there has to be some better place for this. Like, Reddit, perhaps? Always a ton of game-swapping and stuff there.

In any case, I'll bid $1.16

Does the account come with credit card information?

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Pretty sure that's not really a thing, nor allowed via Steam's code of conduct.


Well. I doubt anyone is going to be interested in your account unless they can see the games list anyway.
And why can't you link to your Steam profile? I do it all the time.

If you are just waiting for a reserve price, then you should just put out a price you want to sell it for. You'll also need the list of games and a defined path to transfer $$ and account to reduce risk for the buyer and yourself. Lastly, how can you guarantee Steam won't just ban the account once it recognizes the owner data (address/cc/etc) all changing?