Nintendo Direct LIVE NOW (All rumours combined in first post, how many were correct?)

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Guys, look:
Yeah, I know HL3, L4D3 and Portal 3 didn't show up.
Look: I know this looks bad.

My Incredible Source states:
Gabe did get to Japan.
Gabe did have all three trailers on a USB drive.
Gabe got stuck in traffic, so he decided to walk the rest of the way.

Turns out: Gabe does not have a lot of stamina.

He ended up trading in the USB for a bus ride back the airport.
Gabe blames Nintendo for not assisting him.

All three titles will no longer be exclusive to Nitendo's platform.
All three titles have been delayed out of 2018 so Valve can de-potato them.

I am sorry for any misplaced hope and excitement I have caused.

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There is a rumor circulating that there will be a 3rd party direct showcasing more titles. Just a heads up in case it happens.

Update: I think I may be misinterpreting some of the chaos. I wonder why those private placeholders are still there though. I feel they decided to keep some stuff they had planned off the table for now, for whatever reason.

Good stuff for 15 mins. I'm kinda burnt out on Yoshi and Kirby stuff at this point, and tack on DLC stuff didn't do much for me, but I like that Hyrule Warriors and DKC tropical Freeze are getting Switch releases, as they both seem like great fits for the console. Plus I never got to play Warriors. Fe looks intriguing, at the very least looks unique. Mario Tennis? Meh, though it's cool it comes with a story mode this time. Has to be better than the Wii U entry. And Dark Souls was a pleasant surprise. I got about 20% through the 360 version and got frustrated and sold it back hehe. Would be an opportune time to get back on the horse so-to-speak.

Kind of disappointed the Pokken DLC is 2 different packs. No offense, but did they really need to separate it? Could've at least added more new pokemon to use...

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JRPGfan said:
Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze.... theres like no reason to own a Wii U anymore.

Mini direct was kinda a letdown, was expecting some more to wow.
After the Darksoulds leak, there wasnt really anything.

Me and my friend are slowly selling our Wii U and 3DS games. 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Where's Red Dead Redemption 2, Tekken 7, Half Life 3, Left for Dead 3 and many more?

Heck I even heard a rumor that said that The Witcher 3 complete edition is heading to switch.

Jumpin said:
gabzjmm23 said:
Switch Pro launching in March 2018. :P

a ton of games and we still need big hitters this year. Yoshi, Kirby, Bayo are not your typical Tier 1 games. I hope Smash and/or Pokemon would come toward fall 2018.
Maybe Yokai Watch switch for Japan as well. Lets see.

And that my friend, is a rumour!



Also, Will Smith predicted the January Direct over a decade ago, just listen to the lyrics... it's all there!

sarcasm my friend.  it is a direct mini and I hope the big IPs would come. not basically for me since I'm still in BOTW. And haven't played a ton on my backlog. it would just be great to all gamers and the IPs that they like.

I think most of the rumoured games will be in the big direct on the 25th.

We know by now that sources can leak only development projects, not names or even less full directs.

In rare cases, part of the plot or content, like Gamexplain with BotW dungeons.

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