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I would love having a direct in two days. A guess it is not a question if we get a direct in January. The only question is the exact date.

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Someone who is apparently an insider on Resetera said its on the 11th.


Yeah, as posted above, a trusted insider on ERA said it was originally scheduled for the 11th but hasn’t heard any updates. Another insider, who is also a mod (iirc), confirmed this.

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Wyrdness said:
Miyamotoo said:

They before also had Direct in second week of January, but never in 1st week, especially only few days after New Year when still is holiday time in Japan.

And you think that means it can never happen? They never announced a console in the way they did the Switch either, it being a holiday is even more reason for an ND.

I just saying whats are reasons why it's highly unlikely that ND will be on January 3rd, and like people already wrote above, one legit source said that last thing he heard is that ND is set for 11. January.

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There is some logic to it being sooner rather than later. They'll want to give new owners more reasons to be happy with their purchases as soon as possible. Nintendo hasn't released a game since Xenoblade 2 on December 1. That's 31 days and counting without a release and there are literally zero other games on the calendar.

So far, Nintendo hasn't had any droughts in their release schedule, waiting less than two months at most between big releases between Zelda BotW and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. There's no reason to believe that such a successful plan is going to stop now. It's possible that they're relying on Bayonetta 1 and 2 to get them through February, but I suspect either Kirby or Yoshi are getting prepped for launch sometime in February or the first week of March as well.

And, from there, they'll want to hype up the rest of their lineup through July and drop one or two big bombs for the end of the year expectations.

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Yeah they wouldn’t have it this early unless it was publicized first. The past directs were announced about a week in advance.

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Hope it ends up being true, been waiting for this next Direct for a while now. We know so little about what's being put out in 2018 so far, so feeling pretty excited to see what Nintendo have to show us.

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Thursday is the most common day for Directs, so January 11th sounds a lot more plausible than January 3rd.

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zygote said:

Yeah they wouldn’t have it this early unless it was publicized first. The past directs were announced about a week in advance.

Not actually true many of the recent ones are announced a few days in advance only ones that are announce in a bigger timescale are E3s.

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