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Best MCU sub-series?

Iron Man 1 3.23%
Thor 1 3.23%
Captain America 11 35.48%
The Avengers 9 29.03%
Guardians of the Galaxy 9 29.03%
Veknoid_Outcast said:
I'm surprised to see this thread back from the dead! :)

I'm not terribly interested in Captain Marvel, but I'm going to have to see it in the theater if I want to catch End Game opening weekend. Disney, you sly mouse.

Just to be clear, Disney is not the mouse. 😄

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Wanted to add, some of the other MCU movies are currently free to watch on Amazon Video with Prime membership.

And my score for Captain Marvel is 21, out of a possible 10.

See U in Vikendi, or in line at EndGame next month; (Infinity War Part II). ~GG

Antman and Wasp - 6. Kinda more of the same.

Captain Marvel - 5, just meh, in plot and characters.

Hmm, pie.

Watched the latest two (as well as Into the Spider-Verse).

Ant-Man and the Wasp, hmm... 6.5/10 I'd say, maybe 7 if I'm in a good mood. It was a big improvement over the first one. At least here they tried making a slightly more interesting story with more interesting characters instead of just "an evil CEO guy who's evil just because". Still, it's Ant-Man, so, yeah. If I had to give a score for real, it's 6/10.

Into the Spider-Verse I'm not getting too much into because it's kinda off-topic, but it's maaaybe a 10/10. It was really, really awesome.

And Captain Marvel was... quite a lot better than people are giving it credit for. There were 2 or 3 lines from Larson that came off noticeably poorly, mostly due to poor writing I'd say, elsewhere she was very much fine, and so was the movie. I liked the plot, it wasn't amazing storytelling but I think they did a good job around the idea of a protagonist who lost her memories, and always kept you on your toes when you thought it would get predictable. The setting was nice as well, seeing so many characters in a different context from what we'd seen them before was really cool even if it sometimes was a little bit too fanservice. What I really didn't like was mostly how much they pulled from GotG - there were a few lines that were literally taken from it word by word, and that annoyed me more than it should have, honestly. It wasn't amazing, sure not, but easily a 7/10 for me.



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