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Face it, Star Wars fans suck.

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Some days I just blow up.

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thismeintiel said:
hudsoniscool said:
What I really worry about is the Han Solo movie. I'm excited for it but I know a lot people don't want this movie. If it was really good and releasing in a good window it could hit 475 million domestic possibly over 500 but it would have to be great for that. The massive problem right now is it's window.

Avengers comes out 4 weeks earlier. It's going to pull at least 500 million domestic and on the week of solo it should do about 40 million. These tentpoll movies pull away grosses from later films because a lot of people can't simply afford to go to the movies every month.

The week after release deadpool comes out. In not sure what's going on with the Disney deal, I know it's not a done deal yet but will it be by may? 🤔 regardless if it keeps that slot DP2 is a 350 million dollar movie maybe more.

Week after that oceans 8 comes out. It's a sequel to oceans 11, 12, and 13. Each one of those made 100 million. Also remember a cast member for solo is calling the movie a gangster movie which is similar to this. Will also take away from the female audience.

The following week the incredibles 2 releases. (Doesn't Disney own this one too? What they doing). This is the biggest Pixar sequel besides finding dory and toy 3 in more than a decade. It's a 300-400 million movie too. And going to pull away the kids from solo.

The week after that is jurrasic world 2. It's the sequel to a 600 million dollar movie... nuff said.

So as you can see the legs for it will be chopped out from under it every single week. If it or ther movies don't move around it will not make 400 million in the states. Disney needs to push it out to June-August or move both deadpool 2 and incredibles 2.

I'm thinking the Han Solo movie is going to get delayed.  At least for their sake, I hope it does.  I mean they finished filming not too long ago.  And, now, within 5 months they are going to get through post-production and get it into theatres?  We don't even have a trailer for it, yet.  Just seems kinda rushed.  If they don't delay it, yea, that schedule doesn't bode well for it.  Something is going to have to give those weeks, and I think its going to be the spin-off that not everyone was asking for (though, I agree, it could be good.)  Plus, given how TLJ turned out, I think some are going to be more wary of the next SW movie, especially a spin-off.

Also, weird they are releasing Avengers on May the 4th (be with you), instead of the Solo movie.

Naw, they won’t get more wary, Star Wars fans are the absolute worst.  Idk if you remember but ESB got similar criticism as TLJ.  And now it’s considered an all time classic.  I could go into a long post defending TLJ, but frankly I honestly don’t care anymore.  The discussion has become way too toxic.  If you didn’t like it, too bad.  But I loved it, and I can’t wait for the conclusion.  Kylo Ren is quickly becoming my favorite Star Wars character.  It will be interesting to see how the fans feel about TLJ in 10 years.  But I personally have seen a ton of people have a change of heart for the better.  


I too thought the movie was way too Disneyfied. I am shocked it has made as much as it has, but that is likely due to the brand. Disney thinks they can compete with Netflix with this type of content? I really, really hope Netflix is the beginning of the end for Disney buying adult content/brands.

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It was not good really as it took everything built by JJ in SW7 and turned it into a gag real and shock twist.

Director thinks he was being bold but he was not.

I thought the movie was exciting and engaging and unexpected.
I don't know, I guess fans were expecting a rehash of SW Episode V just like VII was of IV.

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morenoingrato said:
I thought the movie was exciting and engaging and unexpected.
I don't know, I guess fans were expecting a rehash of SW Episode V just like VII was of IV.

I appreciate the fact that Johnson at least diverged from the "soft reboot" formula of TFA, but different doesn't automatically mean better - especially when it seems to be different with no reasoning or depth behind these differences or "twists". I do believe it's possible to make a Star Wars film that's not a complete rehash (TFA) while ALSO not ending up a complete disaster of a nonsensical plot with zero depth or continuity w/previous canon (TLJ) - though maybe this is more difficult than I realized because I've yet to see this achieved.. Ep 3 was probably the closest to pulling this off but unfortunately it was riddled with many flaws and corny, lame moments that bogged it down somewhat..

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thismeintiel said:
Cobretti2 said:

I wasn't referring to the turtle race. One of the main (i.e. Snoke).  So many complaints about not knowing who he is and why he just died. Yet what did we really know about the emperor in the original trilogy before he died? We learnt the back story in the prequels.

Reread the bold.

I did read it originally, and you can reset politics. It has been 30 years since the original events. The empire fell. They do not need to explain it because Disney being Disney will milk the franchise and create "A Star Wars Story" to explain it and make another $600m +



morenoingrato said:
I thought the movie was exciting and engaging and unexpected.
I don't know, I guess fans were expecting a rehash of SW Episode V just like VII was of IV.

It was a broad rehash of V + VI, you maybe just didn't notice it.

Vader: I'm your father, join with me now vs. Kylo: your parents are nobody, join with me now. Offer of ruling the galaxy together promptly refused on both accounts, good character flees.

Remote planet made of snow/salt with large caves where the remaining of the resistance is, Vader/Kylo goes there himself along a couple of AT-ATs.

Luke/Rey surrenders himself to Vader/Kylo thinking he might be redeemed, instead takes him to the Emperor/Snoke but Vader/Kylo kills the Emperor/Snoke after watching Luke/Rey tortured. Foreshadowing during the scene is so blatant that it isn't really unexpected.

Rey/Luke train with exiled Jedi master Yoda/Luke but forego continuing the lessons to help their friends. Luke/Yoda die on exile.

Cool guy from remote planet seems reliable but betrays them to the Empire/First Order. He might (or not) regret it later on.

Phasma/Fett die falling on a pit of fire/sarlac after being terribly wasted during the trilogy. She/he might not have actually died.

There is a path of land influenced by the dark side where the jedi master is on exile, Rey/Luke face it on a journey of discovery.

... and so on.

It had good and original parts, but, IMO, the original parts aren't good and the good parts aren't original. Some think it was bold, but it indulges on rehashing the plot of small resistance vs. huge empire and then, when there is a good chance of doing something unexpected, such as Finn sacrificing himself or have Rey actually fall for the dark side, instead it all goes the expected, beaten path.






It is not bold film making.

Killing Snoke was unexpected but totally stupid considering Ren could not beat Rey a moment before the scene took place.

It's not nearly as bad as you make out. The Force Awakens had the perfect calendar for its opening date. Kids were let out of school on the day it opened and its second Friday was Christmas. Aside from a Christmas Eve drop, it was like having a weekend day every day for 16 straight days. By the time kids got back to school, The Force Awakens was only a few million being Avatar for the top domestic movie of all-time.

The Last Jedi had the worst calendar for its opening date. Students still in school for its first weekdays. Holiday shopping eating into its second weekend. Christmas Eve is always a terrible box office day. That's where most of the drop comes from. Watch the box office tomorrow, it'll outperform The Force Awakens 2nd Monday fairly easily.

The Force Awakens will get its $600 million like expected.

And, for what it's worth, The Last Jedi was much, MUCH better movie than The Force Awakens even with its flaws (slow-motion chase scene and casino side-trip).