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I choose...

Splatoon 2 33 28.70%
Xenoblade 2 46 40.00%
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 11 9.57%
ARMS 5 4.35%
Other 20 17.39%
Flilix said:
tbone51 said:
Its not fair to exclude SMO and BotW, so ill include tgem just for my case.

My GotY is of course Xenoblade2, but if you have to exclude SMO/BotW then its Xenoblade2 :O


Whether you include those titles or not my GotY os XC2.


Its a contender top game of all time for me. BotW is cllose though.

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In changing my answer to Xenoblade 2. Started it just after Christmas and my lord it's incredible. If it keeps this up it might knock Zelda off its perch. I would like to mention that I thought Xenoblade and X were the best games on their respective platforms, could Xenoblade 2 make it the hat trick for me.

Now that I've finished it, I can comfortably say the honor goes to Xenoblade 2, though Splatoon 2 is close behind.

Kingdom Battle takes 5th place.

Splatoon 2 or Skyrim.

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Yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for me as well. The game is just so fun and grand, I've spent well over 100 hours into it, doing as much as I can and am still going. My GOTY... besides Zelda ans Mario, haha.



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Xenoblade 2 for me easily. Huge game, complex systems, interesting story despite some annoying characters, and beautiful graphics that have yet to get old. I just took down my first ancient sauros and it felt great. This has quickly become my favorite rpg series.

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