Panic Button confirmed to be working on Wolfenstein II for Switch

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Bump it on down to a locked 30fps and give it a scalable resolution and I'll be happy. Doom was fantastic but now I'm itching for a more "realistic" shooter.

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Panic button does great work. This game is going to be awesome.

If this game does well performance wise I can see panic button getting a lot of work in the future. Those people know Switch hardware really well.

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I held off on the PS4 version for Switch. Hope it gets here soon!

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Good news. Their work on Doom was exemplary given how difficult it must have been to port a high end PS4/Xbone/PC game to mobile hardware. Wolf II will be even harder since it's a more demanding title, but hopefully now that they have two games worth of Switch experience under their belt, they can once again defy the odds and deliver a worthy port.

I'll almost certainly be buying this one.

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They did great work on Doom and people say Rocket League, I will be fine with them on this and gladly pick it up.

I can see these guys becoming one of Switch's major porting houses alongside Tantalus, and honestly I hope they do.

Speaking of Tantalus though, they seem to have stumbled a bit with their latest, (Rime) though to be fair it's hard to tell how much of that is their fault and how much blame rests with the original developers.

& hopefully Fortnite in the near future

Doom translated very well to switch even with that games fantastic speed, slow things down a bit for wolfenstein 2 and it should run a little bit better / higher res maybe.

Hopeful for another good port job by panic button, but them moving directly onto this project does mean they're unlikely to be rolling out a fix for some of the little hiccups which doom suffers though sadly.

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EricFabian said:
Doom has a lot of bugs. I hope they are better now...

?? Doom runs pretty great on my end on the Switch. I have not really noticed any big issues in the first number of levels.

this is exciting! killing Nazis in the car, sitting by trees, walking around the city. I can dig it