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fatslob-:O said:

No, it's really not a fallacy. It's just a plain fact and it's not certain Israel would be victorious again today if the Six-Day War was reenacted. That was over 5 decades ago (just like how it's doubtful that Japan would be able win against China today), right now Israel probably wouldn't want to risk another war considering the Arab League's combined air forces and war is geographically disadvantageous for Israel ... 

That may be true, just cause you win a war does not mean you will win it again generations later.

But, and this is only an opinion, I think Israel would win it again because Israel understands that the only way to exist with muslims surrounding you is to be very strong military speaking. Like I've said before, a weak Israel cannot be because it would have been destroyed by their barbaric neighbors...

Of course it's possible that Israel has grown complacent, who knows. But if that were to be the case and if the Arabs would realize that, your dreams of seeing Israel destroyed could come true, make no mistake about that, if the Arabs thought for a second they could win militarily against Israel, they would sooner or later attack again, of that I am absolutely sure, it would be a bloodbath as they are not going in to simply conquer, they are going in to end and wipe Israel off the surface of the earth.

I don't think Israel is militarily weak these days but who knows. It would be a sad way to prove my point as to how barbaric and intolerant the muslims are though. Not that it is not proven everywhere else anyway (ISIS, Talibans, Boko Haram, Chechens, Abu Sayef, the Armenian genocide by the Ottomans, Hezbollah, islamic terrorism in Europe and America etc...)

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VGPolyglot said:
FallingTitan said:

I did not know that! US congress in the 90's was the king of the world and declared it. Didnt know.


Hope the us congress or trump doesn't declare Toyoko the capital of canada. I dunno what we would do here in toronto. probably go to timmys and maybe talk about it for 1 min?

Well, it is not entirely comparable, because Jerusalem is actually the de facto capital of Israel, while Tokyo is not the de facto capital of Canada. And Toronto isn't the capital either, it's Ottawa

hahah true! tell that to us toronto ppl

when xomeone visits from edmonton we say "so how do you like canada?"  they say umm i live in canada. lol