Is it safe to say Amiibo are dead?

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They won't be dead in a long time, people like collecting the figurines and Nintendo keeps doing things with them. Granted, they should just try to do more things with the older ones instead of coming up with new ones, but still. Even if we can find some way of pirating amiibos, they will still sell enough to be profitable.

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VideoGameAccountant said:
Dead, no. Dying, yes. Nintendo doesn't give sales figures for them anymore and, like OP, I'm not seeing them as much. Shelf space is moving towards other items. I think its hit the saturation point. I think you'll begin to see them less and less until they are finally phased out.

You may want to double check some of those statements, Nintendo just gave figures for them at the last quarterly report and they were up YOY.

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Broad stand-alone distribution of amiibo is likely a thing of the past, but Nintendo is likley to keep them alive for launch specials and pack-ins for collector's editions.

They found a way to return big-time to the physical toy market with a brand of their own, and I don't think they will let it go easily.

I think they've settled into their rightful place. While the "amiibo craze" is dead, amiibos will likely live on for a long time.

Mar1217 said:
It's like people refuse to understand the basic principle of these figurines.

To be collected by fans, curious and enthusiasts.

+ Once the next Smash Bros is announced, a new big wave will come. Don't expect it to die soon :)

That was never their original purpose.  They were supposed to be toys, a kind of viral marketing strategy that was intended to jump from kid to kid.  That adults were the ones buying them caught Nintendo by surprise.

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I don't think they're dead by any means... I've gotten quite a few just recently (the Odyssey and latest BotW ones).

I suspect they may see a decent drop off as people who were interested already have most of the characters and probably don't feel like getting the same characters twice or more. Really though, they should get a little creative with how the amiibo work.

I wish that the Champions amiibo have stock and more people like me would be interested in getting those. They aren't dead but the common ones or the more unpopular ones have a ton of stock.

There not a popular but not dead.

There will always be collectors interested in these little doobers. Seems like easy profit. (I only have two which came with the games I got them with: Wolf Link and Golden Megaman)

I have a buddy who has a 3D Printer and orders the chips from some China distributor.

I gave him $20 and he printed 50 cards for my kids. They are full color and look fantastic. They all work flawlessly and take up less space.

With that being said there will always be a collectors market for these figures.