J.K. Rowling finally addresses Johnny Depp's casting as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts franchise

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SuperNova said:
Nem said:

Good. Cause the topic is Depp and not the whole thing, wich i have no desire to talk about.

Depp is a good actor. If there is something unlawful he did, charges should be pressed and judged by the law. 

That has zero influence on wether he shows up in the movies and plays the character well. Quite honestly, that doesn't entitle anyone to try and make justice through their own hands. EVERYONE will lose in that world. You want harsher punishments, vote on the right politicians that share that vision. You are not and can never be the law. No one can. That isn't justice.

You were the one who bought Weistein and Moore and the general climate into it, not me.

I was just responding to your initial comment. If you had wanted to stay on Depp as a topic you should have done it and not posted apparently barely thought through commentary on the current social climate that you would like to not have adressed now.

Yeah because my point was that all of that is getting out of hand and the topic is silly with the Depp thing.

Him doing the film is the natural thing to happen, unless he committed a crime and is in Jail on at least being prosecuted.

As the other poster said, the era of witch hunts is over. Even JK Rowling can see past it, wich is good. Theres things worth getting riled for and things that aren't. If you get riled up over all of them, it becomes the norm and the really serious ones don't get due atention.

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SecondWar said:
kowenicki said:
Rowling... just another celebrity SJW without a clue (who says a lot but does nothing especially if it directly affect her). Horrible, horrible woman who should stfu.

I do find it ironic when people use the term SJW as an insult, then use the tag as a reason to justify why said person is an awful human being. It's usually along the lines of '"I used to get away with this awful action, but all of a sudden people are calling me out on it. Damn SJW's. They're the scum of the earth."

Also, given Rowling lived on the poverty line for years before she found success with Harry Potter would suggest she has a clue. I have no idea what your background is, but if you've never lived on the poverty line then she will have much more of a clue than you, and definitely more than me.

That's right you don't.  As a child I live in much greater poverty that she ever has.  She is a virtue signalling multi-millionaire who, due to her own actions, I can't take seriously..... like most other celebrities who are vocal in the same way as she is but live in a bubble.   She is a hypocrite, that is undeniable.

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