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Normally I leave these confined to the pinned up thread but this one is a pretty good review and he actually likes it "a lot" so I figured it deserved some discussion from the community rather than rotting in a sticky thread nobody bothers posting in.





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The universe might explode.. but it would be AWESOME

I kinda liked how he ripped the game a new one for the first 3 minutes and 10 seconds only to to say how much he actually likes it for the the last 50 seconds. This way we get our loooong rant and we get to eat our cake (see what I did there?).

To Each Man, Responsibility

Im debating getting this game, but im just not sure.

This is another review I agree with him whole heartedly about. Luckily, the crap inbetween the missions doesn't last long enough to ruin the fun assassinations, and the game's boss battles are so unique that it's worth every minute getting to them. The strategy he mentions to beating them is fair although there are some nuances surrounding the dodge and strike strategy that does change a little in every battle.

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=p I was searching for this guy for months. Thx to bring him up so I finally find his site :).

wow .... this is maybe a big proof that many people don't visit the off topic section of the forums :D
this was posted there yesterday !! =D
I'm not complaining ... just found this funny :D

anyways i really liked this review ... and i'm glad he liked the game, and specially i liked that he is a Killer 7 fan too :D

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This was in off-topics yesterday.



why was it in offtopic.. its about gaming

if sexy gaming characters can be the gaming forum, this surely should be too