What is your most played game of all time?

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How many hours have you put into that game?

<100hr 2 2.41%
100 - 200hr 6 7.23%
200 - 500hr 17 20.48%
500 - 1000hr 11 13.25%
1000 - 2000hr 9 10.84%
2000 - 3000hr 10 12.05%
3000 - 4000hr 3 3.61%
4000 - 5000hr 2 2.41%
5000+ hr 15 18.07%
I have no idea 8 9.64%
StokedUp said:
Wow! I can’t beleive how many hours some people play video games on here!?!? How do you even have time to do other things??

However my most would surprisingly be Warhawk, it was a game I kept going ng back to accumulating around 150hours. I’d like to see if there’s a way to see how many hours you’ve accumulated on Rocket League as that’s a game I always go back to.


Being young and not having a job way back when helped :P


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Should be Europa Universalis IV with ~800 hours. RCT1 should be really close to that.

village boy learns to jump.

Everquest 1 : over 5000h played for 7 years

Crusader kings 2 : over 1000h played.

Excluding MMOs, my most played game is Path of Exile, with roughly 1100 hours.

I also played around 500 hours of Torchlight 2. For me, ARPGs are a great pass-time.

World of Warcraft: 2500~ estimated
Final Fantasy XIV: 1200~ estimated
Final Fantasy XI: 300~ estimated

Probably Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Smash Melee and Street Fighter 4.
Probably 200h+ for each.

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Longest running in years, I've been playing the original Legend of Zelda since 1988.  It's not a very long game, so no idea on total hours I've put in over the years.


Other games I've played multiple times and have repeatedly gone back to for uncounted hours over the years:


Crusader Kings
Star Trek:  Birth of the Federation
Europa Universalis:  Rome
Making History:  The Calm & the Storm


Back before my friends and I all got married, we used to get together once a week and play sports games.  As many as 6 of us would get together and play seasons of football controlling different teams, or creating wrestlers and playing out careers.  So during that time I've also logged a ton of time into:

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES (mainly 1990 - 1998 until Franchise mode became a staple of the Madden series)
Raw 2 - Xbox (played heavily 2003 - 2006)
Smackdown vs Raw 2007 - Xbox 360 (General Manager mode made this our staple wrestling game from 2006 on)
Madden 13 (Wii U)  <--- I've gotten over 4 years out of this game since EA decided never to release a football game on Nintendo since.  My best friend still does come over to play this one.


Most likely Starcraft. Played the campaign, user created scenarios and lots of LAN-parties.

But I cannot sure, as I have no hard number. High in the race are also: XCOM:Enemy Unknown, Doom II, Descent, Duke Nukem 3D, Pinball Dreams. Had more time to play as a kid - and less money to buy many games.

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Ganoncrotch said:

Always makes me laugh when I get called a console gamer and I've probably played more in a single PC game than most people will play in games in their whole lives.

Just these characters (I have many more with 10-20days) adds up to 843 days or 20,232 hours of game time.

Wow, that's... plenty.

This thread returns to remind me of my 4000+ hours on runescape and my creeping up on 1000 hours on the guitar hero series

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