What was the last Wii U game you bought? Any games in 2019?

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Bought Starfox Zero a couple of weeks ago at a discounted price and before that it was Zelda BOTW on release.

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The last game i bought for WiiU was The legend of Zelda Wind waker HD. After I saw that the future lineup was almost zero, early 2016, I sold WiiU waiting for NX (Switch in the future).

Physical, Steamworld Collection a couple of months ago.

I still get some digital games here and there, one of the Bomberman VC games was my latest a week ago.

Zelda botw. As soon as I finished everything in botw I packed away the wii u and haven't touched it since.

Pushmo World and Freedom Planet, just a few weeks ago. 

Most people probably did not notice that but.... until last September, the WiiU E-shop was still getting new indie games.

I´m probably the last person on Earth that still play its WiiU at a regular basis... but that´s due to its great cathalog of party games and some games that I still have unfinished. I decided that I will only get a Switch when I finish at least 70% of my WiiU games.

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Breath of the Wild

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Last game I bought, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Last game played Xenoblade X, yesterday.

Guitarguy said:
Played my Wii U for the first time in months last night. Great console, shame it didn't gain traction..

Agreed. So much untapped potential too it's a shame. I'm going to guess it was one of those things that may have been ahead of its time and was a nightmare to get games running on two screens. Would love for Nintendo to someday come back to this concept and perfect it.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions. It was going to be Zelda but unfortunately finances as they were didn't allow me to pick it up the way I wanted and now I have a Switch... I am thinking about going back on it to pick up a few VC games from the Wii section before those all get wiped out.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. Solely because I had Darksiders II on Wii U and having both would please my inner collector, and also because it's the second to last physical Wii U game I believe.

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