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What year?

2017 9 7.63%
2016 5 4.24%
2015 11 9.32%
2014 15 12.71%
2013 13 11.02%
2012 4 3.39%
2011 4 3.39%
2010 6 5.08%
2009 4 3.39%
2008 or earlier 47 39.83%

I started visiting mid 2009, and joined November 2010

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2014 , can remember visiting the site during 2013 though for the sales figures.

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Joined in 2014, started visiting in 2009

Joined in 2008 and kinda just disappeared for a while.

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Man, a lot of users are coming out of the woodworks here!!

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I used vgc to read news and data since 2014, in 2015 I decided to create an account but I was never very active in the forum, in 2016 I started to really use the forum.


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I started showing my mug around here this year.

2007 original account. Had to create another in 2008 when system got updated as old stopped working



My account is from 2011. I just started to post this year and not that much.

June 2007! So more than ten years ago...

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