Xbox one X super sampling doesn't work on some screens?

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I found this video on YouTube. It seems as though supersampling doesn't work on some screens....


I just don't understand why or how? (someone embed pretty please?)



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He's using the wrong CRT tv

Native Resolution
2304 x 1440 at 80 Hz
I bet you see a difference on that

My old HD CRT doesn't have hdmi in, only 600 scan lines as well so probably won't look that good anymore. The colors are still very nice on it.

The resolution a game is rendered at on an Xbox One X never changes.
If your display is higher or lower in resolution than the rendered resolution... Then it will be downsampled or upscaled.

The fact he is connecting it to a CRT doesn't change that intrinsic fact.
What is likely happening is that he is converting and then downscaling the signal, which will bring with it a reduction in quality.

I mean, I am still getting supersampling even though the Xbox One X doesn't support my 1440P/Quad HD/2k display and thus limits itself to 1080P.
What is happening is the Xbox will render the game at it's native resolution (2160P/4k) and then supersample it to 1080P... From there my display will upscale it to 1440P.

There is a reduction in quality by taking this approach obviously, but supersampling is still working and it's also being upscaled on top of it.

In this CRT's case the game is being rendered at native resolution (I.E. 4k) supersampled down to 720P/1080P... And then his converter would likely be downscaling the super sampled image and converting it to 480P analogue signal.

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The guy has too much time on his hands to even bother trying this....

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