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4K vs 1080/1440 is an amazing upgrade when you see it in person!

I got a 4K monitor (replaced a 1440p) a couple of years ago and a new 4K TV to go with my X1X and I can't imagine going back to 2K/1080.

Just think, 4 years ago people were arguing about 900p vs 1080p and now the X1X is rending games like Gears of War 4 at almost 5 times the resolution of 900p!

It's a great time to be a gamer!

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IkePoR said:
d21lewis said:

I've had a 4K tv for a year and I thought it was great. Then, I changed some settings from what I THOUGHT were good and realized I was doing it wrong the whole time.

Then again, looking my old cringeworthy threads, I argued in favor of 720p over 1080p so... Ignore me.

Yeah.  I like 4k, it's fine.  It's just not worth running out an purchasing right now.  The jump from 480 to 720 and 720 to 1080 was night and day.  But anything past it is... slightly brighter day.

I totally 100% agree with you. Once you reach a certain level of sharpness (720p or better in my opinion), It's acceptable. I did buy a 4K and I'm pleased but I wouldn't recommend it to "regular" people. Basically, I know what I like and that's what I get. it's like trying to sell people on a PS4 Pro/XBO X. I know what they do and that appeals to me but if I have to sell you on it, it isn't a "must buy" to begin with.

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Azuren said:
Biggerboat1 said:
I've got a 55" LG oled & I have to say that 4k is the least impressive feature on it. If you put a gun to my head I can maybe tell the difference when netflix is displaying in 4k over 1080p but imo it's more marketing than material difference at this point. To really feel a tangible benefit you really need to be sitting close by & go for 65" plus.

The fact that you need a GPU 4x the power to play the same game at 4k over full HD, which for most people will result in a subtle improvement, if any at all, makes the whole thing a bit of a false dawn!

That extra power could be used for so much - it's a shame that Sony & Microsoft's hubris is finding it's target...

First of all, either your eyes are awful (perfectly possible), you got too small of a TV (the purpose of 4K is larger images at closer distances, so if you're watching a 55" from 10 feet away you're doing it wrong), or you're just lying to push an agenda.


Second, please tell me you're not gaming on that

Have a look at this chart : https://goo.gl/images/1Yr5cS

To have any noticeable benefit from a 55" you need to be sitting within 2m of the set, closer to 1m to see real, worthwhile gains... 

For most people that's way too close. That's why I mentioned only 65+ sets starting to make sense for 4k.

I'm a graphic designer so I'm sure I'd know by now if my eyesight was on the fritz! 

The original poster has a 49" so to see the dramatic gains he claims, he must be sitting with the thing in his lap... 

I don't have an agenda, I just see a technology being pushed on to the mainstream which is really only meaningfully beneficial to a tiny percentage of the market... 

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Azuren said:

I picked that up for my brother for Christmas. My parents also have the 65" model mounted in their living room, and my girlfriend just picked up the 49" model.


Myself, though... I have the XBR65X930E #EmployeeDiscount


Oooh thats a nice one!


I was thinking about getting that one, but I might get whatever the equivalent is or the same one next year.


The one I bought I dont even use it for gaming, its for Streaming TV shows, movies, etc - which is what my wife and my parents do.


None of my systems can run at 4k.....yet so no rush in getting it for gaming :P


But I did test out some games on it and it was pretty sexy *-*


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I am typing this on a 55" HDR 4k tv and sitting about 7ft away from it. And while theer s a noticeable difference between 4k and 1080p I feel the difference is not enough to blow anyones mind off.

Its definitely not the same thing as going from SD to HD.

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BasilZero said:

Love my Sony Bravia 4k TV I bought few months ago.

Need to buy another one once me and the misses buy a house more likely next year after she gets her job.

I got the same tv a month ago, except 65" model. It's an awesome tv. I just watched "Your Name" on it on blu-ray and it looked stunning. Color reproduction is top notch. However for 4K material I need to plonk my chair in the middle of the living room to really appreciate the extra detail. From the couch at 12ft away 4K doesn't really matter, HDR still stands out though. It makes regular programming look dull. But damn, the sun sitting low on GT Sport over the Nordschleife, head and tail lights of cars, sexy colors of the cars I've never seen a tv produce before. Tokyo express way between 4K HDR and regular 1080p is a night and day difference. It actually looks like night.

Horizon zero dawn on the ps4 pro blew me away. Might not buy a 4k tv until the ps5. Few things I need a sub $1000 4k 55" to have before I commit.

I can tell on mine, but I agree it isn't the night and day jump going to HD a decade ago was for me.

It's funny, I've got a PS4 Pro, but not once hooked it up to my 4k TV in the living room, I use my 24" computer monitor instead since it's more convenient for me... might have to give it a try some time and see, although I'll say that UHD blurays haven't impressed me yet, although I do only have two of them (Fantastic Beasts and Kong)

I have LG OLED 65 2017 model. Simply stunning.

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