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Impressive for a hybrid.

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I been waiting all week for this to come out. Only one more day lol



It actually stacks up pretty well. Damn...

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For what it is, the Switch version is rather impressive... sure it's blurry and 30fps, but the gap is much smaller between the versions than I thought it'd be, I'm always impressed when I see gameplay of it, and I bet it'll still look great on the Switch screen too!

Looks pretty good considering. Dat PC tho.

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Still buying it this Friday.

Seems a remarkably close conversion given it's portable hardware running a game designed for PS4/Xbone/PC.

CrowRSchneider said:
If only it had motion controls I'd buy it,

Add your voice if you can: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/102021/doom-switch-needs-gyro-aiming/

Switch version is obviously worse than everything else, and it runs at 30fps, but all things considered, it's actually pretty good for a port

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-Newcloud- said:
The Switch version looks better then it has any right to, I thought the gap would be far bigger

The gap is huge. Worse lighting and alpha effects and running at 30fps at a lower resolution. The other versions are way better but if I had a Switch I would get this version for the portability and any of the other versions for the full experience.