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Dota2Gamer said:
SpokenTruth said:

1. See above.  She did not fake her heritage to gain entrace to Harvard.  She was listed as having Native American heritage in the Association for American Law Schools directory but her regstration forms do not say Native American.

2. Name calling insults are by default childish.  The office of the President of the United States should never resort to such immaturity.  Worse still it should not express racist name calling.

3. I'm not seeing either on the top political topics right now though I do not doubt you.  The partial reason for the likelihood of Trump name calling leading the topics is because he is the President of the United States and will be at least for a further 3 years.  The DNC issue was no doubt bad but it can't be changed now. It's over. A sitting president marginalizing a sitting senator and millions of Native Americans just shouldn't happen.  Ever.   That said, the DNC collusion is a problem and should be looked into but, as bad as it all sounds, nothing illegal took place.

1. Who listed her as having an American Heritage? What was her intention when she checked the box that identifies her as Native American?

2. Yeah, name calling are insults by default? How did Warren called Trump again, "selfish little sleazeball"? Is that also childish or that does not count because "Trump is stupid anyway"?

3.  Marginalizing millions of Native Americans? I don't agree, context is the key. Trump is insulting Warren not the native americans. But I guess americans are sensitive with words, I'll give you that. What I find funny is if people who lean left do the same things that people in the right were commonly accused of, there are no "outrage". For example:

A.  Ellen Degeneres, a lesbian, tweeting a chauvinist tweet - we all know she is joking so that's okay, but when a man does that, like Trump,whatever the context, hewill be marked as sexist.

B. Larry David - joking about holocaust. Holocaust can never be a joke but he is jewish so that's okay.

Maybe I'm seeing things in conservative lens because my country is very idiotically conservative. But still I can't help it. It looks like hypocrisy to me.

1. We don't exactly know how or when her directory information also began listing Native American on it but again, it wasn't on her university registration forms so it really didn't matter anyway.

2. Yes, still childish. Did you think I was going to excuse her for it? The only difference I will state is that she is a senator and he is the president.  While neither should engage in such immature activity, the president is our highest office and should be stationed with decorum, dignity, honor, respect and humility as such by he or she who holds it.  Trump does neither of these. 

3. Trump is insulting Warren by using a pejorative for a Native American. You mentioned you are not from the US so I can understand you don't recognize the derogatory nature of Trump's words.

A. It's one thing to joke but another to just insult someone (and millions of others).  I also think both of your examples were probably posted in irony.  Further, I looked up the ellen issue. No, that's not sexual harassement.  I highly doubt Katy Perry, who's first hit song was "I kissed a girl and I liked it" felt harassed by her close friend Ellen's sexual objecticfication of her breasts. It would be hypocrisy if Perry believed she was being sexually harassed but that's clearly not the case.

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