Nintendo says most people play Nintendo Switch in both modes (favoring undocked)

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I have yet to use my dock, and it was a day 1 purchase

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vivster said:
So they're spying on us?

In your Nintendo account there is a setting to turn Usage information off, pretty sure this info comes from that.

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I play mostly undocked. But then i mostly played my WiiU on the gamepad and I've always been more of a handheld gamer, so this is in line with my usualy habits.

I prefer to play Zelda docked though.

I play mostly undocked. I think I have played in docked mode about 5 times since I purchased the system at launch (and that was mostly to see how a game looked in docked mode).

I use both. I favor docked at home, but have done handheld to free the tv for someone else (This is rare however).

As for on the go, I have used it between work and nightclass with 2.5 hour sessions. I took it with me on a beach vacation to play in the mornings (in the house of course), I played it while having my truck serviced at in their waiting room, and I take it with me when visiting familly for the mornings or late nights. All of these are undocked scenarios.

While there is no right or wrong way to play, I feel like I am using it for the way it was truly designed to be used. It also paints a picture for why I prefer Switch for multiplats, even at the cost of some visual fidelity.

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vivster said:
So they're spying on us?

It was a survey. I took part, for example.

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Seems true for me. Some games, like BotW and Splatoon, I very much prefer docked. Odyssey so far feels good in either mode. Meanwhile, I played Rabbids and a couple other games almost exclusively in portable mode.

It's really quite convenient to have both options, and I've been surprised by how different games make me favor one mode or the other.

This is really bizarre for me to see. I would assume most people would play docked as much as they absolutely could but it seems like Ninentendo owners may have an actual affinity for playing mobile, thats kinda neat and fits Nintendo's niche perfectly.

It's about a 65/35 split for me in favor of undocked. People can dismiss the Switch as a weak console with a useless gimmick, but I was always eager for a hybrid console, even if it came at the expense of power. I just don't have time or desire to dedicate to sitting down at my TV and turning on my PS4 outside from the occasional free weekend. I travel quite a bit and no way is it feasible to lug a big console around.

I also find it more useful at home. When it's late at night and I have an hour to spare, it's a much more tempting proposition to pull out my Switch and play for a bit in bed than it is to turn on my PS4 and sit at my TV. It's also a snappier device and I can go from turning it on to playing a game in just a few seconds. And when I'm done, I just press a button and my game is put on hold until I decide to return to it. Handhelds are great for quick sessions and the Switch is no exception. Even if the graphics are objectively worse, I'd rather get a game on my Switch than another console just because I'm more inclined to actually play it.

for me :
99,90% Docked
0,10% Tablet/Handheld (first week)